Philadelphia sues Sessions

The city of Philadelphia has filed a federal lawsuit against Attorney General Jeff Sessions over the Trump administration’s proposal to add new restrictions to grants for local governments in order to block sanctuary city policies.

The city cited new conditions the Justice Department announced in July for the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) program, which provides federal criminal justice grants to local and state governments.

The Trump administration directive requires applicants to provide Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials with access to undocumented immigrants detained by local authorities, a move targeting cities that refuse such federal requests.

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  • meredit

    I’m an L.A. native so have lived near and worked around undocumented folks all my life and like some very much. But there is a sector of that community who can’t stay out of trouble- saw it every single day of the years I taught English in a majority illegal migrant community. As El Chapo so eloquently and stupidly said in the famous interview with Sean Penn, his family was poor and there was no alternative to drugs and other dumb activities to make a living. Oh really. Like labor isn’t an acceptable means? Give me a break. Many of my students did just that while trying to fix their immigration problems. Then they bring their nefarious activities with them when they come here (a number of my students), not understanding what’s wrong with that picture and putting U.S. citizens and their own fellow illegal migrant neighbors who don’t do that at risk. It’s well past time for it to stop. Why a city would go the sanctuary route is beyond me. It’s not the taco cart guy or handymen who are the primary targets, it’s creeps already in jail to whom federal immigration agents SHOULD have access so they can be deported, possibly to return here the legal and right way when they’ve learned to make better life choices. Sheesh.

  • Raymond Levy

    So , They are going to sue the United States Government for telling them to inforce the law of the land???? good luck with that, its nothing more than a frivolous law suite, and a political grand stand on their part, they are wasting the peoples tax money, and don’t give a rats ass about it, Phily is nothing more than a shithole, and the people that are in the state Government should all be tarred and feathered, and run out of town for good………………………………………..

  • monongahela

    Just arrest the mayor and police chief for not upholding our laws. Plus their failure to protect the legal citizens of Philly.

  • Fedup

    Sessions should arrest all of these city officials for violating the federal immigration laws. Victims of illegal aliens in these sanctuary cities/counties/states should sue the city/county/state officials personally as well as suing the cities/counties/states. Maybe if these officials had to cough up their own money they would quit protecting these illegal alien criminals. In Ca. every city that has been declared a sanctuary city has seen a rise in crime and are overrun by mexican gangs. Ca. has gone broke because Governor Brown spends billions supporting the illegal aliens and the 5-6 anchor babies. They get a raise in their welfare check for each kid they drop.

  • ebenezeer

    These people act as if they have a right to this money regardless of their actions.

  • Along came Jones

    What leftist idiot changed the dictionary definition of illegal alien to welcome friend, come into my house, rape my wife and daughters and steal everything you can get your hands on? Wait a minute, that about covers Antifa’s actions also!

  • John Kane

    I think it mat be a bit hard to sue someone for upholding the law. However,I do know that never stopped a stupid liberal from doing anything.

  • lordhoff

    Same city that allowed Black Panthers to prevent white and Latino citizens from voting.