Pence To Visit Israel In January

According to the latest from The Times of Israel, US Vice President Mike Pence denied that Pence’s trip to Israel has been delayed and everything is according to schedule.

When The Associated Press tweeted, “Pence visit to Israel postponed again,” the VP’s press secretary Alyssa Farah stated, “This report is false. The VP is still going to Israel as planned.” Pence’s deputy chief of staff Jarrod Agen also stated “As we’ve said, @VP Pence is traveling to Israel & Egypt later this month. Reports otherwise are wrong. There’s a false story circulating of a delay. It’s not true.”

  • Awesome I sure wish I could go with you as going to the land where Jesus Christ walked upon would be really great. Also visiting the prayer wall and praying there to bring myself one step closer to God. I have dreamed about visiting Israel for some time, maybe it will become a reality some time in my future as I intend to find work and save my money so I can visit Israel and learn about their culture the foods they eat and the people, my dream may it come true for me, God Bless America and the Trump administration and Mike Pence and his family.