Pence Speaks On Reuniting Families

Vice President Mike Pence recently spoke to CNN’s Dana Bash where he stated the Trump administration was reuniting migrant children with their parent “in a way that’s very careful and very thoughtful.”

Partial transcript as follows:

BASH: Let’s move on to something else going on and that’s at the southern border. It looks like your administration is probably going to miss a court deadline of today to reunite all children under the age of 5 with their parents. If you are going to separate families isn’t it your responsibility as the leader of the government, isn’t it the administration’s responsibility to figure out how to get them back together?

PENCE: Yes. We have been working very diligently in that regard. I think 102 children that were separated from adults of that number, as of today’s deadline I believe we will have reunited 54 of those children.

BASH: But that means that over 50 children under the age of 5 — you have children, I have a child — are not with their parents. Is that acceptable?

PENCE: Well, not necessarily the case.

BASH: But should even one child under the 5?

PENCE: Well, what we don’t ever want to do is return a vulnerable child, age 3 age 4 to someone who may be a threat to them, who may be a human trafficker, who is not their parent. And frankly, the number has  gone down from 102 to somewhere in the 70s through our vetting process. We have actually in this process found that people who represented themselves as parents turned out not to be the parents. We have found out that there were individuals with strong criminal backgrounds that had children with them as they crossed the border.

BASH: But Ron Johnson, the Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee in the senate, a fellow Republican, he is very upset at your administration. He said, if they’ve got a process, not revealing it to me. These are human beings.

PENCE: Well, I spoke to Senator Johnson today and we’re going to continue to work with members of congress in both parties.
was there a plan?

PENCE: Of course there is a plan. Look. We have a crisis at our southern border and when people come into the country illegally — as was the case under the Obama administration —at times when we prosecute people for entering our country illegally they’re separated from their children for a period of time. Those children are dispatched to relatives or to foster care . We know where they are and there’s a plan to reunite them. And do it in a way that’s very careful and very thoughtful. But again lets not forget, I was in Central America last week meeting with the presidents of El Salvador and Guatemala and Honduras and I said to them, this exodus must end.

  • Dennis B Anderson

    The talking is over you even had a beaner running his mouth in the Strzok hearing yesterday about the kids ! If you hadnt brought your kids here they wouldnt be here now would they. Now turn your brown ass around and dont come back. Hey get your new Mexican president to buy you a taco. You democrats have tried everything in the book to keep these illegal bastarts in the USA. We dont need new laws, we need people to follow the rules that are in place. Take that energy you had trying to get here and put it to work where you came from.

  • meredit

    Yikes. I taught adults migrants from Central America and Mexico English for years; the news clips could be my students and are so so sad. However, I had an epiphany about this topic a couple of years ago, thanks to a heated exchange between a very smart young Salvadoran woman and some female classmates who were pressuring her to get married and have kids. They were under 25 and each had 5 kids- very nice ladies but irreponsible, in my view- both were receiving AFDC (welfare). The Salvadoran woman loudly proclaimed that she was waiting to get into a relationship and have kids until she’d hired a lawyer, become legal, and learned English. Mind you, she was poor, renting a room and taking the bus to her job as a diamond courier in the jewelry district of L.A. (Russians who assumed she looked like a young student and wouldn’t think she had zillions of $ of diamonds in her backpack- freaked me out, I’ll tell you). So my question is why, knowing how dangerous their home countries were, didn’t those migrant mothers wait to have kids until they were somewhere safer, huh? It boggles my mind.

  • david mason

    Why do these criminals get special treatment better than U.S citizens?

  • Richard B

    Pence doesn’t know what he’s talking about. It’s just smoke and mirrors. There are over 2000 children who have been torn from the arms of their parents; and he’s giving us some cockamamie story about human traffickers. How dumb does he think we are?

    • Patrick Feeney