Pelosi Certain Russians Blackmailing Trump

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) recently stated that President Trump’s “eagerness to sell out America” shows that Russia “must have something” on Trump.

Pelosi stated, “Instead of standing up for our democracy and democratic principles, President Trump cowered in the presence of Putin, and the entire world watched and saw that. Trump’s eagerness to sell out America proves the Russians must have something personally, politically, or financially on President Trump.”

Even insisting that the President “gave a green light” to Russia to continue attacking America.


  • William L. Ramsburg


  • OK Nancy, thank you.
    Now waddle off to bed now dear and stare at that shiny thing on the ceiling for awhile.

    • Rodney

      Just two more bottles of wine. LOL

  • Patrick Feeney

    Has Pelosi been drug tested?

    • they don’t have a test that goes that high.

  • Jeannie

    And we are certain you are an old, brain dead, nit wit!!!


    She’s delusional! Time to go home to your rich husband, and three homes deary and leave the thinking to people who really can.

  • JimZimmerman

    She has a Vagina on her neck. Look at the picture at the start of the article.

    • Kate

      Could be but most likely a turkey twaddle.

    • bob

      Good God,I just upchucked my breakfast TWICE

    • bob

      Seeing this could turn the average guy from having sex with a woman for years

    • Rodney

      Please… it’s too early in the day to puke.

      • Ron Long

        Rodney, she has had so many facelifts that the next time she has one she will have a beard.

        • Rodney

          Haha, might be a better look for her.

  • Elly

    Gosh, Pelosi has to be brain damaged to spout out this nonsense.

  • Hey Nancy, you crazy bit**, got proof? How is Trump selling out America? He cares more about America than any politician anywhere on the hill. Nancy, I have a question, just what is it that you do? What purpose do you serve? You should get out while the gettins’ good!! Die with some dignity!

  • Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve

    Is this something that Nancy expressed to her Psychiatrist in her ongoing treatment for her diagnosed “Paranoid Schizophrenia” ??

  • Aline

    And I’m certain that she has NO BRAIN!

  • Dennis B Anderson

    Palosi you piece of shit youre giving illegals drivers licences, and pushing to let them vote. In my eyes this is treason, and you should be shot on sight. Youre treasonous antics should have you behind bars, but still here you are.

  • DD788Snipe

    How long is it going to take for the Democrats to wake up and realize that the American voter is not stupid and they’re getting tired of their party’s whinning and lies. This November is going to be a blood bath for them and they still won’t get it. To all Democrat voters, #walkaway. Your party is devoid of any and all leadership and is totally out of touch with you. If the Democrats ever want to win an election again they need to come back to center and cast off thefar left wing socialist/communist that have taken over the party.

    • Rodney

      After a couple generations of miseducation, it may well take a strong dose of reality.

      • DD788Snipe

        If trying to force feed the American public lies and propaganda isn’t a strong dose of reality then I don’t know what is Rodney.

        • Rodney

          A young person working and going from paying 28% of his hard work to support government to paying 15% is a real wake up, too.

  • Ronaldo

    Pelosi is a disgrace to Italians. A disgrace to the human race. A total inbred misfit. Her and Schumer should take a one way trip to hell.

    • Rodney

      Does the devil take idiots?

  • Rodney

    Further proof that Liberalism is a mental disorder. Just this morning I have heard of free everything, income inequality and too much freedom of speech (any conservative speech). Tales of doom, despair and agony, oh my. The left is attacking our economic growth and prosperity. Who knew more jobs, bigger wages and money in the pockets of everyday citizens was such a bad thing?

  • Meg

    Too much Botox has affected her brain. Too old to be in congress. Needs to retire.

  • rottenrollin


  • Kanawah

    With out a doubt.
    If Putin did not have him by the balls, he would not be this cozy.

  • Lee Strabel

    What is piglousy talking about? Her god, obama sold out this great nation

  • Heavy Metal Thunder

    Maybe those two hours behind closed doors was Putin telling Trump not to worry because he has all the proof and it points to Hillary, Obama, and all the other douchebags involved. Makes you wonder what they talked about.

  • JWB

    …….babble on, Nancy, babble on….

  • Brabado

    The Democrat Witch from California must “put up” or shut up… If she know, where is the “evidence”?
    Like to any Corrupt Liberal Democrat, talk is cheap!!! But the Truth, much more difficult for them to express… It is like when Dracula see Sunlight…
    Semper fi.

  • David Azar

    Pelosi, Waters, Kennedy (the new one), etc etc, and you idiots that voted for them; please move to Canada or Australia (like Matt) and take a couple illegal aliens with you. That would make America, my home, my country, strong. You want a strong America? Go away and take The View (interesting name for a bunch of blind bitches), Bill Maher and all the other BilleryObama loving idiots with you. What’s it going to take for you to give credit where credit is due; at the feet of our strong commander and chief.
    I thought libel and slander was a crime. I guess it’s legal for whining liberals. Someone once said: ask not what your country can do for you… I believe strongly that that man would be our president’s strongest ally. And he’d be ashamed of you, so called, Democrats.

  • jon

    pelosi is like all liers the fact that the democrat party has been in bed with the Russians for the past 75+ years can be right in front of her and she is blind to the truth.

  • jon

    this is what happens after using Botox for so long !

  • Michael Zimmerman

    Just look at Donald Trump’s body language when he’s around Putin, especially at that press conference this past Monday. Donald Trump was obviously being submissive in the way he acted around Putin. Putin’s body language was that of a man who was the more dominant.

  • Bert

    Nancy, retire already. You need a rest.

  • Kirk Kahler

    what I find funny is that the democrats have no message for the voters so they go to there old play book of attacking , fake news , lies and doom and gloom ! but with every passing day they loose more of the base cuz the people are seeing for them self’s that the democrat party is a mess , unhinged, abstractionist , supporters of terror/hate groups and openly support there violence, are at war with free speech, white men, history, life, police, the military and faith ! the #walkaway movement is gaining speed and more and more of the followers of the left are waking up and finding that the democrats for decades have lied to them and done nothing to improve there life ! American’s want to be safe but they are seeing that the democrats will only protect illegals no matter how evil they are and are ok with American citizens being put in to danger ! more and more American’s are waking up and seeing that all they are to democrats is a cash cow for the left to pay for there new voter base the illegals with free housing, free schooling, welfare, free legal help, food stamps and free medical when there are millions of real American’s in need ! the democrats plan to replace the American voter with illegals is real and we are seeing for our self’s that they are working this every day ! to know just what the democrats think of us all you have to do is look at states and city’s the left controls and you will see that the roads, rails, bridges are falling a part ! that the city’s and towns are filthy full of trash ! that the homeless is out of control ! that the drug use is right out in the open and that it is un safe to just walk ! that crime is the every day norm ! young white males are waking up and seeing that the left really hates them and dose not want them to get a head but to stay dependent on them for every thing ! the democrats want to paint the GOP as racist, KKK members, supporters of jim crow but these are democrat groups that they built and supported ! the democrat party has be come the party of hate, race baiters, pro illegals, anti life, pimps of fake news and liars ! the democrats are being exposed for all of there corruption and that is why they want trump gone cuz he is a threat to there way of life and the killing of the American dream that they have been working for all of these years !!!!

  • Ron Long

    Does anybody believe ANYTHING this deranged lunatic says?