Paul Ryan Speaks On Trump’s Plan

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) is claiming that Trump’s consideration of revoking the security clearance of former top Obama-era intelligence and national security officials was just Trump “trolling.”

Ryan stated, “This is something that’s in the purview of the executive branch. I think some of these people already lost clearances. It is not really in our purview.”

He added, “I think he is just trolling people.”

What are your thoughts?

  • marshmil1789

    It’s time for Paul Ryan to close his office and go home.

  • Karen Robinson

    Security clearances should expire after 90 days from leaving office. If I leave a company I am not privy to the internal going on. I understand transitions periods but that is all it should be for

  • Angelshot 9876

    Paul Ryan you are a troll

  • Verner Laursen

    Security clearances are not life time clearances. What can be given can be taken away. Some of the traitors don’t deserve them. Maybe Paul Ryan doesn’t deserve his either? Trump hasn’t been wrong very many times and I doubt this is the next one.

  • Darrel Davidson

    Ryan is A Back Stabbing Politician he might as well be a Mole for the Dem;s. Big Time Weasel.. A lot of people don’t know He got Special Interest money from O-BAMA…For his Town in Wisconsin… He is A Schumer with a Republican..Title Ryan, McConnel, Flake, Corker, McCain,Burr, to name a Few.. Are all Bull Shit!


    Barry the fairy Obama had the launch codes for our ICBM’S for 8 years, AND HE HAS JUST ADMITTED HE WAS BORN IN KENYA WHICH PRECLUDED HIS ELIGIBILTY TO BE POTUS , does he still have a clearance ?

    • Ron Long

      I believe that Obama still holds a security clearance, however given his background and personal relationships, he should not have had one to begin with.

    • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

      We don’t know for certain anything legal about 44 except that all the documentation presented for eligibility was false and he was improperly vetted. Should those eight years be wiped away or let standing?

  • Luanne Denman

    When I served in the Navy I had a clearance that allowed me access to some very interesting information. When my enlistment was up my clearance went away, but I was warned that the rules of my clearance were still in place with penalties for violation. Former Obama political operatives have no reason to keep their clearances, and should be reminded about the penalties for shooting off their mouths about things covered by their clearances. They should know better….Brett—Luanne’s veteran son

    • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

      Luanne, you, I and our fellow military people would be serving prison time for much less than what one former presidential candidate did with infractions we were informed had severe penalties.

    • Patrick Robinson

      Thank you for your service! my father was a naval man, world war two. He fought in the battle for Leyte Gulf.

  • Paladin

    Ryan is a lamprey!!!

  • Kent Powers

    Another RINO employee who needs to be off our payroll.

  • Danny S.

    We know Ryan is a huge Democrat whoops I mean Rhino!
    This man is politically afraid of his own shadow . The Republicans and Trump need a house leader who isn’t afraid to put on the gloves . Trump ends up almost every time kicking old school politics out of the way and setting the ship on a proper course. Vote Jim Jordan for house leader,

  • Ron Long

    The President of the United States has the authority to suspend or revoke ANYBODYS security clearance. There is more than enough reasons to revoke their clearances and do not let the left try to say it is because he doesn’t like what they say, it is simply that they no longer are entitled to those clearances. Their access to classified information should have been terminated when they left office.

  • Jim Schrang

    Ryan is a spineless piece of crap who is a RINO. He IS PART OF THE SWAMP and needs to be dumped sooner than later! He refused to censure Maxine Waters who called for riots and physical abuse to President Trump supporters. Then he REFUSED to back a measure to impeach Rosenstein or call for Sessions to be dumped. Next, he supports the Mueller Witch Hunt even though it is all bogus based on the Clinton, DNC bought dossier. He whined about Obamacare, had 8 years to come up with a plan, yet didn’t. He screwed President Trump and WE THE PEOPLE time and again. The moron was “against threatening tariffs,” yet today we are at 4.1 GDP. Finally, the ONLY positive thing I will say about Paul Ryan is he IS a POLITICIAN. Do you know what a hooker and politician have in common? They both will take ANY POSITION FOR MONEY. Want to know the DIFFERENCE between a hooker and politician? The HOOK PROVIDES A SERVICE!!!

  • Patrick Feeney

    Is Paul Ryan still a Republican? He acts like a Demoncrat!

  • proudV

    My thoughts are, You are the worst Speaker of the house we will ever see. It is your fault that the house will probably go to the Lying, Cheating, Worthless, Democrats. Your Global ambitions have thrown the Democrats a big bone, For once in your miserable career please listen to the people, But of course you could care less about us, You Know the Voters that handed your party victory after victory.


    Time for this jackass to vacate the chair. Show him the door and throw him out. All he’s doing is delaying progress and screwing things up.

  • Ischgabibble

    It is obvious Ryan does not understand security and clearances. Somebody send him an operators manual on those two subjects please. What a dimwit.

  • Original Anna

    President Trump is just trolling, really!. I worked in a place once where when retirees walked out that door they walked out with nothing. Security people packed up their stuff and looked through it and cleaned first to make sure they weren’t doing something bad with secrets and operations of their computers, machines, etc. Their security clearance stayed in the building and it was also cleaned before giving it to their replacements. Business does not allow you to keep your security clearance and that isn’t even something that could damage the country if one got pissed off about something, well, like the people involved with pulling stuff like getting rid of one’s hated president or checking on organizations you don’t agree with. Gees, once they are out the door nothing should be allowed to go with them in gov’t. They had access to stuff the little normal American would never have access to and the little normal American assumes the person leaving a gov’t position shouldn’t have access any more once period. If one needs to ask someone how did you handle a situation, what the heck, don’t we have telephones in this country.

  • GoldenGirl2u

    All of them should lose clearance including Obama, Clintons, Samantha Powers, Rice, V. Jarrett, Holder and the list goes on. Vote Dems. out anywhere you can in Nov., must keep house and need more in senate so Pres. Trump can get his agenda through without all the juvenile obstructions of Dems.

  • meredit

    I think he’s a coward waiting for his term to expire.

    • Louisiana Lady

      He is a snake in the grass sabotaging Trump. SEnd him to San Francisco so he can be with the rest of the excrement on the sidewalks.

  • Knowledge Transfer

    Whatever Ryan says count on the opposite.

  • Mark Witmer

    I think Mr Ryan is a RINO

  • A_Nobody

    Ryan’s a fraud who needs his walking papers and a swift boot out the door.