Paul Ryan Plan With Immigration Bills

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) conceded the bills on immigration (the Goodlatte immigration bill and the GOP compromise bill) which were set for House votes on June 21st will probably not pass.

Ryan stated, “DACA is broken, the immigration system is broken, the border is not fully secured. These are facts. They need to be solved, and at the end of the day, I really believe we will come back around. If a bill doesn’t pass today, we’re going to come back to the president’s four pillars.”

“The promise and the goal was always—we were never going to be able to promise an outcome but we can promise an effort and a fair process, and that is what is going to be delivered today.”

“I actually think we’re advancing the cause even if something doesn’t necessarily pass. I think we are making advancements because we are putting ideas on the table, members are able to express themselves, and we brought to the floor the kind of process that our members have been asking for even if it might not result in law.”