Obama Shoulda Shut Up Instead Of Discussing Kaepernick

The San Fancico 49’ers have decided they’re going to hang onto their mediocre quarterback for a few more weeks.

He’s going to be second string to the quarterback with the worst record in the league (for any active QB with 30+ starts) and he’ll be riding the bench for some time.

He really seems to like that bench. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t get up from it when the National Anthem plays.

Sure, the whole thing is rather petty when you think about our real problems. But it doesn’t change the fact Kaepernick is being an ungrateful ingrate by riding the bench during the anthem.

Obama’s been silent on the situation for a few weeks now.

But after he opened his mouth about the incident while in China he might have wish he had kept it shut.

Take a look and see for yourself.

Obama might have just done better stick to talking points about the economy, jobs, foreign affairs and the like.

Not that it would have gone over any better, he probably knows less about those situations than he does about what’s happening on the 49’er bench.

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