Obama Posts Something On His Facebook Page That Has His Fans Turning Against Him

President Obama has been pushing hard, very hard to allow Syrian refugees into the country.

While he won’t admit this,  it’s been his meddling in the region that’s contributed to their displacement. And because he knows he bears the guilt he goes on the attack against conservatives who don’t want them in the country.

In fact, he actually took to his Facebook page to denounce anyone who didn’t believe his plan of action was the the correct plan of action.

The crazy thing is what he said proves he doesn’t even have much support even from his staunchest fans.

Take a look.



Never in a million years did we expect to see people who obviously support Obama turning their backs on him. And by the thousands no less.

The majority of Americans see it’s reasonable to assume if refugees come to the country they’re going to pose an obvious threat to our security.

They can also see Obama is going against their wishes too.

This is a huge change.

Do you support the people sounded off on Obama?