Obama Henchman Say’s Trump Supports Domestic Abuse

Former Obama White House communications director Jen Psaki entered the limelight recently and decided to speak on President Trump’s response to Rob Porter scandal. She stated President Trump had “validated misconceptions about domestic abuse.”

Psaki stated, “The most infuriating thing I think to women is not necessarily just the charges against Porter— I mean no one knew who Porter was— it has been their handling since then. As you touched on Trump, but even as they have spokespeople and senior members of the administration come out, they have validated misconceptions about domestic abuse over and over and over again.”

“Women are paying attention to that. It is a very small percentage of women who come out and falsely accuse people of domestic abuse. It is not true that domestic abusers look a certain way. They continue to validate that, that this was somebody who was good at his job so how could this have been possible? This continues to be their explanation, that is as troubling to women if not more so than Rob Porter’s indiscretions.”