Obama Henchman Say’s Trump Supports Domestic Abuse

Former Obama White House communications director Jen Psaki entered the limelight recently and decided to speak on President Trump’s response to Rob Porter scandal. She stated President Trump had “validated misconceptions about domestic abuse.”

Psaki stated, “The most infuriating thing I think to women is not necessarily just the charges against Porter— I mean no one knew who Porter was— it has been their handling since then. As you touched on Trump, but even as they have spokespeople and senior members of the administration come out, they have validated misconceptions about domestic abuse over and over and over again.”

“Women are paying attention to that. It is a very small percentage of women who come out and falsely accuse people of domestic abuse. It is not true that domestic abusers look a certain way. They continue to validate that, that this was somebody who was good at his job so how could this have been possible? This continues to be their explanation, that is as troubling to women if not more so than Rob Porter’s indiscretions.”

  • PAproFirearms

    And Hell-LIAR-y’s Enabling???? Please elucidate!

    • Rob Anthonisen


    • mrp15

      Not only did Hillary enable and defend Bill and attack his victims, she also committed domestic violence against him, such as, among other things throwing lamps at him and causing bruises that had to be covered up with makeup. Domestic spousal abuse works both ways. Dems should be careful what they wish for lest it come back to bite them. Whatever abuses others have committed, Dems have done more.

  • Aline Oary

    Seems to me, FBI extremely slow vetting this wife abuser. Jesus called theose types “living tombstones”. Looks good on the outside but full of dead man’s bones on the inside. Something they could have done in 30 minutes in this digital age, wasn’t done after well over a year. Anyone have people delegated to do certain jobs, have to trust what they do know, even if that knowledge is a deliberate falashood as in this case. General Kelly, when he found out the truth made a decision in 40 minutes. Why did it take the FBI 13 months???

    • Kenneth Fichtl

      Woman equality has been there for Centuries from the preaching of Krishna to Buddha to Jesus This is not a new concept Buddha accepted women Krishna did not place courtesans in the Caste system Jesus excepted Prostitutes , Even Allah married an older woman and had businesses.New York as close to human sin as you can get has more Escorts than trophy wives . This issue is as old. as the Garden of Eden It is a human failing There are Societies run by woman and those by men. Mexico is Maternal are they any better than us? Adams life was not complete without Eve We are torching our existence

  • Ron C

    Time to turn the tables on the Hench men & women of the democrat partiers news media…Start falsely accusing all democrats in and out of government for rape…and then without due process call for them to step down!
    And especially hit the communists in the halls of academia that are calling for an end to due process….After all they are now selling the BS, that white skin color is cause to be murdered…!

    • Zinsky

      Yeah, Ron – “falsely accuse” people of things they didn’t do. That’s kind of the Republican Party way, isn’t it? You can’t win elections fair and square, based on open and honest debate, so you have to lie and make things up. Just wait – a day of reckoning for your diseased party is at hand!

      • Ron C

        It appears that your #meto movement is already in full swing…accusations run amuck…and the deflections of what you do is excellent…

  • charles17121

    This me too BS is going to backfire on woman . Lots of luck looking for a Job because most business are run by MEN . If anyone thinks this me too BS wont influence employers on weather or not to hire woman you’ll have another think coming . I remember a time in this country when you were innocent until proven guilty in a court of law ! The fact is woman can lie just like men can lie !

  • Rodney

    Oh Jen, you poor ignorant idiot. What about one William Mendoza, White House Executive Director of American Indian and Alaska Native Education who was caught, arrested and convicted of taking “upskirt” photo’s on his government issued iPhone? Is that not a crime as or more so insidious then Porter’s alleged abuse of former wives?

  • btb

    Kind of like you after bengazzi jen

  • don lavrich

    Hillary stuck with bill so why the double standard? oh its because porter is a republican. if he were a democrat it would be a different story!

  • The Redman

    Stupid white-folks ruined america. ahaahhhahahahaahhahahah

  • Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve

    Typical left wing female spokesperson: Ugly, ignorant, mean, vicious, uniformed, what do you expect; they Lie so much, it is part of the Alinsky training; Can you imagine waking up to someone as stupid and ugly as Jen??? Hollow as a rotted out old tree. Sold her soul to the Devil to be in the inner circle of whom she thinks is “cool”…………Sad, sad, sad. Don’t you just get tired of these liars? They will sell their Mother to the Hookers’ Senior Pimp Assoc. for just a “hello” from Barry Soreto. a ship of fools, but dangerous every time it snows, look up and you can see these Snowflakes floating to the ground, (but they eventually melt away, but sometimes you have to shovel the walk). Set them up, they will be easy because they don’t believe anyone will sink to their level and they actually believe that no one else is as smart…………….Look how Smart Comey was………….
    Look how ugly Jennifer Tarlof is; She has motor mouth disease combined with a prefrontal lobotomy. Can you in your logic follow Adam Schitt’s speeches? Adam Schitt for President??? HarHarHarHarHarHarHar. Stop, yer killing me.

  • Richard Gieser

    ” It is a very small percentage of women who come out and falsely accuse people of domestic abuse”
    No, it is NOT a very small percentage. And when they do get caught lying the is NO punishment.

  • Kenneth Fichtl

    Jen is an idiot she and Marie said all radicals need are jobs She has no concept of their devotion to their beliefs I called them the state dept twins They excused clinton saying she could do what she wanted didn’t we realize who she was?

    • jwright673

      I believe it as Orson Welles who said “women are like gongs, and should be struck once daily.” So Jen, step on up.

  • Zinsky

    Hard to believe how many lemming Republicans continue to defend the sex offender in the White House. Ask Ivana Trump how the Donald really feels about domestic abuse – the pervert ripped large chunks of her hair out and choked her, so this talk is all for show. Of course, because he is rich, he paid for her silence. You are known by the company you keep, people. So, by continuing to support an ignorant, violent, megalomaniacal pervert like Donald Trump – it makes you as sick as him!

    • John McComas

      So you probably supported Hillary. Good choice there!

  • christopher kelly police ret.

    this broad is to be part of the R.I.C.O. case and will be indicted with the rest of the HRC and OBAMA CREWS. They are sinister and deviant. PATIENCE !!!!

  • Observant_One

    More garbage from the liberal brainset to discredit anything Trump. Show me any democrat and I’ll show you an example of a shrivel brained zombie.