Obama Adviser Speaks On Roseanne Tweet

Former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett recently appeared on MSNBC to talk about Roseanne Barr’s derogatory tweet and said that it should be a “teaching moment.”

Jarrett stated, “I’m fine. I’m worried about all the people out there who don’t have a circle of friends and followers who come right to their defense, the person who is walking down the street minding their own business and they see somebody cling to their purse or want to cross the street. Or every black parent I know who has a boy who has to sit down and have a conversation, the talk as we call it.”

“As you say, those ordinary examples of racism that happen every single day. I think that’s why I’m so glad to be here this evening talking with all of you.”

  • Jim Strong

    Valerie you still look like a ape. Just waiting to see you in a orange jump suit.

  • marshmil1789

    Jarrett said absolutely nothing in the above commentary. It was blah, blah, blah, blah, leftist cosmetic gobbledegook having as its purpose only to deflect attention.

  • She should be doing the interview behind bars. Where is Muller and Sessions and rest of the gang. Probably having a strategic meeting at Clinton’s planning on how to sell the other 80% of our uranium!

  • coolman11

    She talks like she’s actually black she looks lol a white woman with a little bronzer on

  • Lee Strabel

    Valerie jarrett, you are an admitted communist. No sane thinking person cares what you have to say. Shut up, and crawl back into your slime pit

  • Jerry

    Why is it that the racist stuff is always Blacks complaining about Whites. How come Blacks and Whites do not seem to have problems with other races? Maybe we should just cut the crap and just live together as Americans.

    • Ddenney1

      Only because the left is PAID to cause racist trouble it keeps the left EMPLOYED. I do NOT have many real friends but I do not pick by pigmentation but by character!

  • Frank W Brown

    And this bit*h is NOT in jail WHY???

  • Ddenney1

    Libs started dividing this country by name calling 40 years ago yet NOW they are shocked when people call them names!!!!!! People should also remember that THE VICTIMS are ALWAYS the Demon-RATS!!!! The party of FREE for us a check for you mentality has made their FOLLOWERS MENTALLY WEAK and mostly USELESS just like their COMRADE KRUSCHEV said in the 60’s!!!!!

  • A_Nobody

    This from one of the biggest bigots on the planet and we’re supposed to listen???? ROFLMAO….only CNN and lefty minions listen to her garbage.

  • David F Lanphere

    So the slum lord is offended? Oh, I’m sorry, Real Estate Tycoon, and former actual president during the Barry Soetoro Administration.