Nunes Labeled An Embarrassment To Both Sides

NBC News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell, attacked Devin Nunes, stating the he is “an embarrassment to his colleagues”.

“Devin Nunes has been an embarrassment to his colleagues, Republican and Democratic. He was in the transition. He went to the White House with a completely fraudulent claim about the Obama administration national security team, which was discredited, disproved by the Ethics Committee. And yet, he is asserting himself here and challenging what a FISA judge had renewed involving an intercept that picked up, collaterally, a Trump campaign aide, not an important aide, but a campaign aide, who was picked up talking to a man convicted of spying for Russia — a Russian.”

  • meredit

    Although Hispanic, Mr. Nunes comes from a cultural background that often discriminates against Mexican and Central American people. I hate to tell him, but the GOP folks he’s trying to suck up to may not make the distinction and be using him for their own purposes. His bowing and scraping is embarrassing and cringe-worthy.

    • MajorPain

      So did you enter the country legally is your green card valid Or do you just run around Calling Everybody but Yourself a Racist.

      • meredit

        I taught English to adult immigrants for years and worked with folks from South America, Spain, and Portugal. The bias is very real and startling. Bite me, you rude ignorant fool.

        • Anne Latella

          Stupid look up illegal in the dictionary. That is if you are capable of reading.

    • Charles McNulty

      You must be one of the illegals. GO Home, and stop kissing the democrap asses !!

    • Anne Latella

      SEZ Who-Another illegal immigrant?

  • doc

    Not hard to see what side you are on,No mater what you say !!DRAIN THE SWAMP !! Unbelievable ,the crud the elected offs have done!!!!


    Andrea Mitchell’s lips are like hemorrhoids…Last thing her crap passes while coming out a strained azz

  • J. P. Lynch

    Andrea Mitchell should never be allowed to speak her vile progressive lies in public! Of course she’s on NBC – so she fits right in !

  • John D

    What do you expect from a leftist nut job. MSM running air cover for the corrupt Obama Adm scumbags.

  • Ron C

    And exactly who listens to Andrea Mitchell any-longer…? In my mind she has proven herself to be a washed up democrat party hack poop-bag…rotting away…she is a disgrace to all true journalists!

  • Concerned

    Andrea Mitchell is “THE” embarrassment to all news organizations and to the American people. Devin Nunes is a true Patriot to all Americans who had the guts to create the memo and release it to the American people. Without this, how in the world will the American people to be able to see the truth.
    Clearly Hillary and the Progressive / Democrats try to hide all of the criminal activities that occurred during the Obama Administration. This memo is just the beginning and there is a lot more to come, just open your eyes and do your own research.
    We have Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal targeting conservatives and other groups, the Black Panther release, Benghazi, Iran, Bank penalty payments to “preferred” liberal groups, etc. that were very clearly illegal during the Obama Administration.

    • budman

      The Ethics Committee found no evidence of collusion by the Obama Administration? I don’t know how they could have come to such a conclusion unless everyone on it was a Democrat. We know Obama had to give the order to spy on the Trump Campaign because nobody would have dared to do so without his okay. Now, because of Nunes, the word is out and people like this Socialist left wing Mitchell had to put out the cover story. The fact is most Republicans want to see this come out and the polls show Independents also want to as well, some 30 plus percent for Democrats and in the mid forties for Independents. I expect that number to grow when the Inspector General releases his report as this is a very serious breach of trust and unethical actions as well as criminal deeds by the past administration and several departments of our government.

      • Concerned

        Great follow-up and “spot on.”

      • Kenny Albert

        Obama micro managed every part of government. His finger prints are on everything.

  • Jeannie

    Andrea mitchell is just another far left wing elitist. Tell me did she think the person that exposed the 18 minutes of missing Nixon tapes was an embarrassment to both sides? I THINK NOT. She is an embarrassment to the whole network. They just won’t accept that fact

  • MajorPain

    Just another Pathetic attempt to Discredit any of the truth being put out even as the News media tries to continue to perpetuate The Witch Hunt against Trump the Comey Cover beings with a Judge who is not only a Circuit Court Judge he is also a FISA Court Judge possible even the one who Approved the Warrants.

  • JC


  • Ron

    This from an NBC NEWS chief? When did anyone start believing NBC? All anti-Trump?

  • rottenrollin

    NBC is an embarrassment to American journalism.

  • Patriot47

    The source of the clickbait headline proves it is a joke.

  • gene smiith

    Hey Andrea….how about just SHUTTING UP and allowing the FACTS to speak for themselves. Importantly, we sure as the devil do not even for a moment give a crap about your downgrading NUNES, you have breached and destroyed your own cred. simply by working for who you work for.. Your opinion or what
    you think or say has NO CREDIBILITY whatsoever….just go to your room.

  • Larry Cowden

    The real embarrassment are the lying pieces of trash on the left and any polecat on the right that doesn’t think the left did anything wrong! As for Andrea, I hear they’re looking for her back on the Park Ave. corner she used to work in the evenings! Something about “breaking in the new girls”?

  • mike

    Who cares what the bigots on these leftist media channels say. They have one goal which is break Trump at all costs or means and the hell with their viewers who expect the truth!

  • mike

    When the unmasking is completed we will all see the depth of Obamas’ web of treachery against the people he was sworn to serve and protect, the US citizens, which they are orchestrating even now!! He started his hypocritical and insidious conspiracy against the US, who he and his disgusting wife concentrated on, instead of working to unite the country, help the suffering black communities or be truthful to the world and the US citizen!

  • old_salty_dawg99

    Andrea Mitchell is a part of the MORON MEDIA and is just trying to protect her pals the Democraps. She and the rest of the MORON MEDIA HATE Trump who is doing what Americans HIRED him to do unlike Obozo the EGOTISTICAL MORONIC CLOWN who did everything he could to DESTROY America. Nunes did his job and SADLY it proved just how CRIMINAL Obozo and his Admin was. We know Obozo killed 4 men, committed at least 5 acts of TREASON, and I for one still wonder how much he got for selling Russia 20% of America’s Uranium. We know Hitlery got $145 Million so I bet Obozo got far more but like all his life he is hiding that information. Which is why he is building a library that will NEVER EVER House a book.

  • Meg

    Yes, he is an embarrassment because he tells the truth and has exposed the lies of the left. All the left politicians should have to undergo a lie detector test to see if they are part of the deep state. That goes for John McCain and a few other republicans, too. Nunes should be given an award for exposing the truth.

    • Anne Latella

      John Mc Cain is a lost cause. He is mentally gone!

  • Gerry Costa

    Nunes did exactly what he should have done. Whoever this POS big mouth female is — she needs to do some research before opening her libtard/demoTRASH yap.

  • Anne Latella

    Andrea Mitchell get a large bag & pick up all those Marbles you have lost. Athough at this point it most likely will not be helpful because you are too far gone!

  • John Fremont

    If we don’t stop the nastiness, who will? Kindness counts, especially when disagreeing.

  • kassa1

    Andria is a prostitute of NBC and big money. I wouldn’t believe anything from any of the corrupt media’s, except FOX! I have said , what Nuens said today and that is the left communist/democrats will accuse everyone else of only their the guilty one only on steroids! That pencil neck Shiftless lie out of his mouth and butt, just like all the rest of his communist colleagues in his corrupt party and they believe that the American people are stupid and they know the college kids and the Illigals will believe anything they and their prostitutes in the media tell them!

  • Lil Abner

    jmichael270 is absolutely correct. Lips like hemorrhoids, with something shoved in between.

  • mousekiller

    Liberals are afraid of the truth. They by nature will not look at both sides of an issue.They are afraid they might learn something and that is not how they are put together. No need to, even if another liberal tells them something. If it can be attacked with negativity they will do their best to manufacture falsehoods against someone to avoid admitting they were mis informed or not informed at all when they can’t justify their opposition. .They resort to violence.