Number of Muslim Refugees Still Decreasing

With the United States letting in less than half the refugees than were allowed in the final full year of the Obama administration, the Trump White House has also raised the percentage of Christian refugees to Muslim refugees since President Donald Trump took office.

Compared to the torrent of refugees resettled monthly during Barack Obama’s presidency, only 910 refugees were resettled within the United States in the month of August, which represents the lowest monthly total number since the early days of the Bush administration, Breitbart reported.

The numbers come from the State Department’s website, which shows that 217 out of 910 — just 24 percent of the refugees admitted in August — were Muslim.

That’s down significantly from the 46 percent Muslim refugee rate we saw during the Obama administration years. In the last full year of the George W. Bush administration, only 23 percent of refugees were Muslim.

According to Breitbart, the 910 refugees overall would be the lowest number since October of 2002, during the first years of the Bush administration. That means it’s also the lowest number since President Donald Trump took office.

The State Department’s database was unavailable on Thursday morning, but the final number for the fiscal year 2017, which ended Oct. 1, was 53,716, according to CNS News.

While the refugee ceiling for the year was 110,000 individuals, that was set during the Obama administration. Since then, Trump’s controversial travel bans have restricted refugee resettlement and travel from countries where the State Department has identified terrorism issues existing.

However, the cap for the 2018 fiscal year, according to The New York Times, will be set at 45,000 — the lowest since 1980.

Cost and safety have been two of the major concerns when it comes to refugee resettlement in the Trump administration, with some officials arguing for numbers as low as 15,000.

Liberals, of course, have used this as a rallying point to claim that Trump and his administration are heartless racists and “ethnonationalists” (using the current en vogue term to smear anyone to the right of Angela Merkel on the refugee issue.)

This is a comprehensive bunch of baloney. The fact is that we’re dealing with a dire terrorist threat in the very region (or two regions, should you include the ever-unstable Libya) where a significant portion of the world’s refugees originate.

While the military defeat of the Islamic State group certainly makes the residents of Iraq and Syria safer, it could compound the problem by seeing former militants, still holding the same poisonous views — working their way into the migrant and/or refugee population.

Yes, we understand that there is a long vetting process for refugees. However, caution — particularly in the face of the Islamic State group — is a virtue.

As long as refugees (and not just economic migrants) can be safely brought to the United States without undue burden on the American taxpayer, they should be. That’s what the administration is doing.

Liberal hysteria over this simply ignores the fact that we face a security crisis. (An excellent example of the breathless hyperbole is from Linda Hartke, the president of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, who told The New York Times in September that the 45,000 limit was as if “a dark shadow has passed across the great American legacy and promise of protecting refugees.” Maybe Ms. Hartke caught the news from New York City this week.)

If the numbers are any evidence, it’s being dealt with. We would love to see these numbers go up, if just because it would mean there was no crisis to worry about.

Alas, as so many on the left are willing to ignore, that’s not the case.