New FBI Report On Gun Violence Will Make Liberals Jaws Drop

Perhaps you’ve believed the liberal lies about gun violence, you know the one where every time you buy a gun a mass shooting takes place.

Or maybe you haven’t…maybe you realize legal ownership of guns is the only path for real self protection and freedom.

Liberals contest this statement hotly. They argue there’s no way more guns could equal less violence…but that’s not what FBI crime statistis prove.

In fact, even as 2016 looks to be the hottest year on record for fun purchases there seems to be another weird correlation with the rise in gun-ownership.

Falling crime rates.

That’s right, right now as gun ownership is at an all time high we are correspondingly living in one of the least violent periods in history.

Americans Patriot Daily writes:

The liberal left, especially the antigun portion of it has seemingly set themselves up for a singular mission to help disarm the American public.

They think they’re doing a good job of convincing the American people guns are archaic, a relic of the past, as well as super-dangeorus.

But the American people aren’t listening to the liberal rhetoric. In fact they’re buying guns by the millions and 2016 looks to be one of the most popular years for new gun ownership in history. The reasons why? Because people are well aware they have a constitutional right to own a gun for self defense and self preservation while also understanding that right is in severe jeopardy.

While this should make liberals happy, what happens when Almost every single person who’s buying a gun this year legally is it leaves a very clear signpost for how guns are affecting our culture at large. Millions of people are going  the appropriate legal channels and filling out an NICS background check and then purchasing their guns.

And because of this the FBI has been keeping close tabs on all these sales. What they’re discovering, and what antigun liberals won’t like at all, is with the more guns we buy (as a population) the less violent our nation becomes.


Liberals who hate guns need to understand right now we live in the most peaceful time in American history. And this in spite of the record numbers of people buying guns day in and day out.

Are people being shot and killed with weapons? Yes, but most times homicide committed with a firearm is done with an illegally owned gun, or is directly involved with gang violence.

Rarely are legal guns being used to commit mass murder and school shootings (though the liberals would like you to believe that’s the case).

The FBI has actually revealed “per capita homicide at an all-time low …with criminal homicides with firearms plunging to just over 8,100 nationwide. Firearms-related “accidents” (negligent discharges) are also at an all-time low, and continue a long-term decline, plunging 50% in the past 20 years.

Even more encouraging is how much safer it is to be a police officer in the U.S. today

“The FBI has now just released preliminary data that shows a nearly 20-percent drop in criminal homicides of law enforcement officers in the past year, mirroring other trends which show our society becoming less violent as it becomes better armed.”

Again, liberals aren’t going to like that one bit.

They want us to depend entirely on police and the government for our protection. And yet statistical evidence reveals when we become better armed it correlates in lower crime rates and also lower officer involved homicides.

Of course since they dominate the media this kind of information is being suppressed and kept from reaching people who need to know it. So it’s your responsibility to share this info far and wide.


Liberals will no doubt freak out the FBI has published material which runs contrary to their storyline that guns cause violence.

How unfortunate that this evidence along with many more studies like it foil their plans to promote anti-gun propaganda.

Of course this study is going to be lost in the vast sea of similar studies and rising to the top will be the typical media talking points which dismiss the studies and focus on sensationalistic reports on mass shootings and racially motivated violence.

Are you thinking this report is accurate and that liberals should give it more credence?

Tell us in the comments below.