Michael Moore Warn The Left Of Trump’s “Evil Genius”

Filmmaker Michael Moore recently sat down with MSNBC where he stated that he believes the left simply doesn’t understand President Trump is an “evil genius.”

Moore stated, “I think he is a tumor on democracy, but the tumor shrunk last night. The tumor has shrunk.”

“That’s the truth. He has ripped apart and taken us to the precipice of whether or not we’re going to have a country we thought we used to have or we’re going to have. And I come from one of those three states, Michigan, that put him over the top in the electoral college vote. Last night those three states, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin as you pointed out in the show, all went blue. Governors in all the states, senators, and at least in Michigan two new women that are going to go to Congress and a third one who’s our first Palestinian American in Congress.”

“So there is a lot of good news here, but he is a true danger, but it’s because of what you said. He has figured out —he’s so much smarter than our side, nobody has ever taken him seriously, has never understood his power, his ability to read a room, his ability to manipulate people with fear. I mean, the man is a genius in this area. He’s an evil genius, but to not respect how smart he’s been in doing this.”