Megyn Kelly Calls NRA Too Powerful

Megyn Kelly on a recent episode of her show “Today,” discussed the shooting in Parkland, FL and touched down on gun control and mental health.

Partial transcript as follows:

There have been at least 12 — at least 12 — school shootings in America so far in 2018. It’s February 15. We’re averaging one just about every three or four days. How we doing, America? Everyone okay with that? Apparently the answer is in fact yes because we haven’t done virtually anything to stop it. We haven’t done virtually anything. We all know what is about to happen right now, don’t we? We’re going to say how sorry and shocked and sad we are, and then we’re going to move on without doing anything. And then we’ll express how sorry and shocked and sad we are at the next one, and the one after that. Does anyone really think that we are going to do anything about these mass murders?

I don’t. I don’t believe that. I don’t believe in a single one of these politicians. I don’t believe any of them have the courage it takes to push through reform. Why? Because history. And let’s face it, let’s face it. It’s not all on them because we the people, who hire and fire these politicians so if we don’t get serious, neither will they.

Five years ago I was live on the air and pregnant with my third child when 20 first graders were shot to death in school in Newtown, Connecticut. That was the one. That was the one where we all thought now we will do something. Now we have to change. But we didn’t. In fact, since Newtown, there have been nearly 300 school shootings in America, about one a week. If 20 dead first graders don’t spur people to action, what will? Yes, there was an act signed into law by President Obama just about 15 months ago targeting mental health reforms. It pushes for early intervention for kids showing signs of mental illness, but guess what, it hasn’t been funded by Congress. It’s a beautiful piece of paper. I’m sure it’s a great comfort to the folks in Florida today.

We had a woman on this show just last week jumping up and down, a mother, trying to warn people that her own son is a potential danger. She’s seen it. She said he’s been killing animals, consuming dark and disturbing pornography, and no one will help her. She said their social worker dumped the family after learning how disturbed her son was. What could possibly go wrong? And then there is the truth that mental instability by itself is not a great predictor of a mass shooting. Most mentally ill people do not commit murder. So even if we fund the mental health reforms, how do we find the potentially deadly needles in these haystacks who are likely to blow?

We could start by paying attention. Paying attention to things like Facebook posts with ominous gun pictures coupled with social alienation and other red flag warning signs. But then what? Then what? Are we really going to loosen the standards for involuntary commitment in this country? Even if we could pay for that, good luck convincing the ACLU that it’s legal. And then there are the guns. Don’t even think about it. Don’t even think about it. No gun reforms are getting through. They’re not. And most of the ones that will be proposed in the wake of this shooting will be utterly meaningless and wouldn’t have even arguably prevented this killing. The NRA is too powerful. our politicians are too weak, and the guns are too ubiquitous.

Guess how many guns there are in America, do you know? Over 300 million. They say 6 to 10 million AE-15s like the one reportedly used in Florida. So now we’ve seen it a million times. We’re going to debate that gun. But any semiautomatic pistol can unleash carnage. There was no AR-15 at Virginia Tech and that remains the worst school shooting in U.S. history. 32 dead and nothing changed. Nothing. Can it? In the meantime, I and other parents have to send our kids to play and play Russian Roulette with their lives. My children, like yours, have to practice hiding in the bathroom to avoid an active shooter and don’t even think about letting the teacher lead a prayer to get them through that moment because the guns are perfectly legal, but the prayers are not. I wish I had the solution. One part of it is courage to get honest, to give a damn. To maybe take that $25 billion for the border wall and redirect it towards this problem. How about showing any resolve at all. Any resolve at all to actually solve this problem. Wouldn’t that be a start?

  • Hyrdr

    Dumb blond. (fake) WE are the NRA. The oldest and largest CIVIL RIGHT ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD.
    She needs us. We do not need her….

  • mike

    you are a dumb blonde…if you are going to try to report the news at least get it right

  • bandhriot

    I will begin by saying that the 20,000 plus laws pertinent to gun ownership and use should be enforced before anyone even thinks about creating more. Yes,we need to curb the violence. Yes, we must protect our schools and public facilities. The NRA IS NOT THE ENEMY!!! The NRA is the public face of more than 5 million citizens who refuse to allow over-regulation of a primary means of self-defense which also discourages persons and groups who are envious of our freedoms and would very much like to rule us by means other than the tenets of a republic. That last part is the actual reason that the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States was recorded. Should you not believe that there are such persons and groups, you’ve not been paying attention. I would venture that added to that 5 plus million are a goodly number of freedom lovers who do not belong because they fear those same persons and groups may indeed someday defeat our defenses and those folks do not want to be on any rolls of organizations that had promoted freedom. First, enforce the existing and once that is accomplished, see what else, if anything, has to be done.

  • bobeis

    I want your sources for the “300” school shootings since Newtown. If they are anything like the so called “18” mass shootings that had been going around that ended up being 2 and 16 that did not meet the definition.. Want a solution, it’s school security in the form of armed guards. Why? because until we as a society stop allowing our children to believe in a moral relativism and teach them right from wrong with consequences for unaccepted behaviors, discipline them at home and in school, we will have more of these dark children doing bad things. Given up your “Bill of Rights” rights is not the answer. Unless you are of course one those individuals that want the Bill of Rights to go away because it will once you allow a wedge to take one of them, others will fall, like maybe your right to be a TV news person and actually be able to say what you mean. I’m not for taking the chance. Our founders based what they believed on the history they were taught and knew what they were doing giving us these rights.

    • Steven Earle

      Well said and I agree.


    We really should investigate the mental health of those who want to take our protection away.

  • Alan404

    Ms. Kelly, if you speak, provide details, accurate details, rather than simply spouting numbers.

  • NCCM

    Well Megyn…first off there are only two mass shootings. All the others (10) are accidental relating to a firearm where nobody was harmed and no one was intended harm. Next, it’s easy for you to say the NRA is too powerful…because you live in a protected world. The NRA is a grassroots…yes powerful…organization intended to protect the rights of gun owners that haven’t millions in their bank accounts and armed guards that protect they and their family members such as you have. No the NRA is not too powerful…it represents the exact number of Americans who support them…and many that cannot support finacially. Twit.

  • Kim LaMela

    What People need to Understand is they need to Forget ending Guns in our Country, It will never happen even if a law is past to ban all guns and banning some guns is useless , Their are Millions upon Millions of Guns that Have Never been Registered, so Law Enforcement can never end Guns in our Country, as a Matter of Fact all that would happen would be we would make Half of the United States Criminals because they would never give up their Rights to own Guns. And By the Way add them to all the Criminals and Their Unregistered Guns more Millions, So all we might be able to Accomplish is to make it Much Harder for Law Enforcement to Track Killers, and Criminals of all kinds of Crimes. Which Like Australia who Banned Guns but Increased all other Crimes with Other Weapons that Exceeded the Gun Crimes they Had. The Statistics are on the Internet for all to see. And you will also see a Huge population Difference From us to them we are by far Extremely huge compared to them., And Unlike the United States they don’t Allow just Anyone into their Country Like the Illegal’s who Have Flooded our Country or Un-Vetted Refugees on top of that if these New Comers don’t Assimilate to their Culture and Laws they are Gone. They also don’t Allow people like we do, they do it Right and Protect their Sovereignty. Attacking the NRA is just Ignorant they are doing what Americans Want them to do Protect our Rights we contribute in order for our Voice to be Strong. Protection is the only way we can handle this Problem and Horror our Children face, Armed Guards and Metal Detectors in every School Trained Guards Not Teachers we must stop these Killers before they get into a Class right at the Door of the School, Teachers feel for the Kids they Teach so Other classes would be Venerable, It must be an armed Guard at the only Entrance of the Building during Classes, Retired Police Officers would be Ideal and or Retired Gun Owners who can Pass a Vetting Process and Receive a Concealed Cary Permit. Nothing else will work don’t be Fooled by any Political Nonsense from the Left especially the Left they want Trump to fail on every issue, but this is the only way we can protect our Kids.

  • kenward42

    Why do we blame the guns for these shootings. It is the people who do the shooting that are the problem. I have several guns in my home and they have never shot anyone on their own.

  • old_salty_dawg99

    Megyn Kelly I one simple question and some that might be a little harder. The simple one is this WHEN has a law stopped any CRIME???? See a law does NOTHING to stop a criminal it might create one but will NEVER stop one. Next questionWhay Good does it do to make a Law but take away any and all punishment if said law is broken??? We have tons of laws( weight of the paper which the laws are written on) yet thanks to LIBERAL IGNORANCE we have no punishment to make breaking the law a bad thing for one who breaks the law. Some will say prison time is no fun well let us look at that statement shall we, a prisoner gets 3 meals daily, clean clothes, a warm/cold place to sleep depending on the time of year, all their medical needs be it surgery for a bad appendix or treatment for Cancer, they can sue anyone for any reason. Now what does this cost them NOTHING. They even get pay while locked up. Now look at what their victims get. Their family member or friend is dead and they have to pay taxes used to keep the one who stole from them alive and in most cases living better than those they have harmed. Now what should happen is that those who break the law should be made to work 12 hours a day 6 days a week, No special foods, no classes except reading, no TV beyond the 3 Networks and PBS, no law suits unless they involve their reason for being locked up and then only those related to their appeal, if they get cancer(develop it) or are hurt then treat their pain and let them die if they are lifers or on death row, in other words make being locked up so bad that they NEVER want to go back in. The ACLU should be declared a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION and given the same sentence as their clients. Those who oppose this INTELLIGENT way of making Criminals pay for their crimes should also get their sentence. It is CRIMINAL CONTROL and ELIMINATION we need not gun control or elimination. See Criminals do not care what laws they break to commit their crimes and that includes no guns allowed. So Megyn engage your brain unless you have had it removed when you left FOX and went to work for NBC and think about those FACTS before you start saying the same old WORTHLESS line of IGNORANCE LIBERALS Spew anytime someone is killed or many people are hurt.

  • Christopher Murano

    Anyone can make up and spout numbers. Where did she get them and how does she know how many AR-15s are out there? And if it’s true the social worker who dropped a family because the child is “too” disturbed should be prosecuted for malfeasance.

  • keedon

    No Megan there have been 3 shootings at schools in 2018. The most didn’t take place on school property. Most weren’t even near a school. Suicides on college campuses are not school shootings. There are 15 million ARs and their variants in civilian hands that have killed less people than Ted Kennedy’s car. The shooter was a far left nutjob who didn’t belong to the NRA.