Meghan McCain Slams The POTUS

ABC’s Meghan McCain believes President Trump acted like a “pathetic puppy” in front of Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Helsinki Summit.

McCain stated, “I have a few things to say. I take a lot of heat for not suffering from Trump derangement syndrome. I try to come on the show and really call each issue by issue because when days like today happen and yesterday happened, I need it to be extra important that you hear that what happened yesterday is extremely dangerous, it’s un-American, it’s unpatriotic.”

“I will say our president acted like a pathetic puppy who was completely neutered around a former KGB agent murderous dictators who caused some of the worst atrocities, let me say again genocide going on in Syria. I never thought I would see this. I grew up with ‘Mr. Gorbachev to tear down that wall.’ I’m a Reagan Republican. I can’t emphasize how much of a hard time I had with this. I just never thought this is the Republican party. But There’s a ton of blowback across the board.”

  • Philip Armstrong

    What else can the McCains do?

  • Junie

    Would you rather he kissed his ass like Obummer? You McCain’s all need to shut the hell up. Your dad’s insanity is bad enough but I actually thought maybe you were different. NOT!

  • logicaldon

    ABC’s Meghan McCain acts like a “pathetic puppy” trying to win liberal points blasting Trump.

  • Rich Kenny

    sounds like ms meghan has succumbed to the familial disease!!! that of unpatrioticitus.. passed down by treasonous patriarch association…could they all GO in a family package? PLEASE!!! go where? Don’t really care but out of the sight of the USA!!!! pathetic!

    • antimarxist

      I think the disease you are referring to is “recto-cranial inversion”.

      • Raquel Salientes

        That is funny! Love it

  • Firesign Bozo

    Time for Meghan and the other know-it-all journalists (an oxymoron if one ever existed) to perhaps listen and observe outcomes before opening their mouths, tapping their tabs, and flicking their bics. Of course the lame streamers were going to go off on the President just as Senator McCain (worthless for past three decades IMO) has in his traditional, self-serving reactionary discourse but one always held out hope for the next generation. So much for that, eh?

  • Bob Morton

    Like father, like daughter. “Republican” in name only. I thought she was OK when she was on Fox’s Outnumbered. Let’s see what side of treason she’s on when the sealed indictments are unsealed. McTraitor Daddy is sure to be on the list when the ever-growing 40,000 indictments are unsealed. This is Bob’s wife.

    • Onebrogan Brogan

      Good job Bob’s wife and Amen…

    • whiteaglesoaring


      • Rod

        In total agreement. When someone gives you a ball, they’re signifying that they desire to play ball. Puppy or neutered dog my ass.

      • Bob Morton

        Hey fellow Patriot! WWG1WGA! It’s so good to see outside of the YouTube – the Q movement is expanding! From what I heard about the soccer ball is that there is a chip in it with a lot of incriminating evidence, ergo “the ball is in your court”. I also heard that whatever was handed over to Pres. Trump from the ambassador in Finland when he was met at Helsinki airport is a flash drive with even more sh*t. The left is going apoplectic. That’s why the left-tards were wanting the transcripts from the English interpreter at the Summit in Helsinki. Too bad it was voted down. Now the ex-Playboy model (what’s her face) is becoming an issue in the news because Stormy Daniels is a has-been news. All of the crap against Pres. Trump all along has been a distraction. Hey, lefties look over here, while the good guys are MAGA over there. It’s not too hard to play the MSM these days because a lot of them are complicit in the treason against the United States. Meghan is McTraitor’s daughter, so we shouldn’t expect her loyalty would lay anywhere else. This is Bob’s wife.

    • Concerned in Texas

      I was thrilled when Meghan McCain came off Fox Outnumbered.She is a traitor like father.She thinks God is taking her father away.What a dufass!

    • Ronaldo

      With out her father’s influence , she would be working in a diner. Total idiot

      • Gene Clements

        you are so rite ,nepotism at best. Running her mouth like her delirious father .

  • ron

    As a Vietnam vet, A Republican, and a Arizona voter I can say this without any hesitation “the nut doesn’t fall very far from the tree.”

  • Onebrogan Brogan

    It is hard for me to understand this woman. She sure put up with her POS daddy all of these years. He tried to take Trump down because he hurt his feelings. Well, I am calling the traitor, hypocrite, liar, coward, theatric seeking POS out. McCain is a loser….an azzwipe for the bobama administration .,

  • Rose Nishiyama

    Haven’t the McCains learned to keep their mouths shut so as not to show the treachery of being a RINO. Once they open their mouths they show their true colors and it’s not Patriotic.

  • Danny S.

    Megan Reagan IS rolling in his grave because of people like your dad and now you . Now go find a pile of cocaine to ease your pain. SO TIRED OF YOU ELITES CRYING FOUL ALL THE TIME!!!! Here is a new idea support your president!!! I realize he is not perfect like you azzholes! LOL

  • gene smith

    Well sure….what else can thispuppet say when daddy is standing there listening and coaching.
    Too bad the Ditz can’t see the facts and report on the goodness our President does each and every day….but no, the negative comments, even when LIES gets her snoot in the news.

  • mike

    McCain, just kike the Dems can’t accept that he lost his election as no one thought he was capable and hates Trump for his success! It’s unfortunate that the man will go with hate in his heart!

  • Ischgabibble

    This boob needs to go help her daddy who has obviously lost his mind.

    • Anne L Hilliard

      Not so sure he ever had one. He skated by on his father and grandfather’s fame.

  • Gardener8

    I like Meghan McCain and am very sorry that she is following her father’s RHINO approach.

  • Concerned great grandmother

    Ms. McCain evidently can’t fathom the truth about her father. First he is no war hero., The boots on the ground in Viet Nam are the true war heros. McCain certainly has defecated on the vets as chairman of the Armed Forces Committee. He closed the books on the POW/MIA . He and Kerry terminated the searching for these men. Does anyone realize that the VA would not be such a mess if Traitor really cared about our service members and used the committee he chaired to keep on top of the VA?
    McCain is a traitor and should have been brought up on treason charges a long time ago. He did not get the nickname “songbird” accidentally when he ran his mouth about the naval activities in Nam. He was the go between ISIS and the Obama administration especially Killery Clinton. How do you think those Toyotas were given to ISIS? The State Department under Killary. We, taxpayers, paid for those Toyotas. Remember how many times McCain met with ISIS leaders? Either Ms. McCain is to blindfolded with fatherly love or she doesn’t want to admit the truth. Who is she to slam Trump when her own father has so much dirty laundry that stinks? We would not even read or hear McTraitor’s remarks if main stream media were not instructed to write or talk about them.

  • MajorPain

    Megan I know a Daughter’s love for their Father has Blinded you to the true Facts about your Father. So please Refrain from making Assumptions about something you like your Father obviously do not understand Your fathers constant call for War like others is why we are Here Today still trying to make Peace after the fall of the Soviet Union.
    Your Father was an Original!!!!

  • cathy

    I’m tired of the mc cains, punto.

  • Anne L Hilliard

    Her father’s daughter. And he’s a hatefilled, bitter old NO HERO !

  • Vern Davis

    She needs to take her dad by the arm and take him to a mental Hosp. He has become so anti America its disgraceful. He is just some old man running off at the mouth, and no one is paying any attention to him.

  • jon

    well the fruit does not fall far from the tree.

  • Paul Barton

    She is a complete and utter ninny and fool, completely brain-dead like her asshole father. Why in hell her father is not expunged from Congress is a mystery to me, when it is obvious he has been a life-long dumbocrat registered as a republican ever since he elevated himself to “hero” stature. Hero my ass. Many young boys died in those camps, yet he came out looking like he was a guest at Ho-Chi Minh’s dinner table. What a piece of shit – like father, like fat daughter.

  • Frank W Brown

    The ONLY pathetic puppy around here is your traitorous “SONGBIRD” of a father who will be meeting his master SOON!

  • cathylovesyou

    Meghan McCain has stooped to the level of her co host. Mainly it is because of her fathers venom, and hate of Trump. John McCain has hurt the American people through his revenge of Trump and also over the years he was a bum at his job

    • Raquel Salientes

      I disagree that McCain hurt Trump. He hurt the American people is what he did. McCain’s attack on Trump just rolls over his back, but McCain’s vicious actions as Senator only hurt Americans who needed relief from Obamacare. Luckily, he got overruled over the Tax Reform by moderate Democrats who showed more sense than McCain.

      • cathylovesyou

        That is what I said, McCain hurt the American People thru his hate for Trump. We agree. Keep up the fight against Socialism, hope the youth study the countries that have it and Check All the Capitalistic Countries. The Dumbing Down of America is working for them.

  • Patrick Feeney

    Has Maghen McCain been drug tested?

  • Jo

    Megan has been around Whoopie and Joy too long… she is sounding just like them… Whoopie showed her intelligence this week against Judge Perrino..can’t believe the show wasn’t cancelled after that..what the viewers didn’t see but was recorded was disgusting.. I wonder what Barbara Walters thinks..she had class.

  • Raquel Salientes

    Meghan, before you start blasting Trump, you might take an objective look at what your father is saying: Is he trying to trying to start World War III, by trying to force Trump to attack Putin. Your father is a well-known war-monger, and he has not changed at all.

  • A_Nobody

    Just another McPain gum flapper…..nothing here of relevance.

  • disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

    You inherited your sickness from your dad, you can’t help it.

  • A_Nobody

    Meghan is just a cartoon caricature of her old man and, as usual, has nothing intelligent to say. she needs to catch the same boat out as the rest of that family.