McCain On Trumps Afgan Strategy

GOP Sen. John McCain issued a statement Monday saying that he will produce a military strategy for Afghanistan in September, if President Donald Trump has no plan to offer.

“More than six months after President Trump’s inauguration, there still is no strategy for success in Afghanistan,” McCain said in a statement. “Eight years of a ‘don’t lose strategy has cost us lives and treasure in Afghanistan. Our troops deserve better.”

“When the Senate takes up the National Defense Authorization Act in September, I will offer an amendment based on the advice of some our best military leaders that will provide a strategy for success in achieving America’s national interests in Afghanistan,” he continued.

While McCain hasn’t yet proposed a solution, his statement indicates his intent to develop a legislative alternative in the absence of an actual plan from the Trump administration regarding U.S. interests in Afghanistan.


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  • Kenny Albert

    Better hurry up McCain before you die. Hopefully soon.

  • Wayne Peterkin

    The President’s “plan” should come from his military advisers who I trust a whole lot more than John McCain who is nothing but a self-described expert.

  • Winston

    After he threw POTUS under the bus on Health Care Repeal, Why again WHY should we trust him with anything. He needs to retire and fight the cancer. We need term limits on Congress and the SCOTUS. Too, many folks with dementia leading our country. Convention of States is the answer.

  • gideonrockwell

    This vindictive old has been wants to go out showboating showing everyone he should have been President. Trump is smart in that he is not telegraphing what his military strategies are. For another thing he is adhering to the old adage ”War is too important a matter to leave to Politicians”. He has told his Commanders to do what is necessary to win. Old Song Bird needs to go home tend to his cancer problem and enjoy what time he has left with his children and grandchildren and stop being a stumbling block to Trump’s agenda.

  • Dodie1990

    McCain is a bitter sore loser who wants to do nothing more than destroy Trump and his presidency. He has no credibility in my eyes and should retire.

    • Kstar

      Hey Dodie, Is that a 63′ Ford Galaxie Fastback that’s pictured up in the corner of your post?

      • Dodie1990

        No. It is a 76 Cadillac Eldorado convertible. One of my favorites.

        • Apolloone

          One of my favorites too, I had a 76 hardtop.

    • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

      I agree. McCain is just SO jealous he can’t stand it in any shape, form or fashion!

    • Roger_T73

      He really Sucked Up to oblamo. They must share Idiot-ologys.

  • Esilda Rios

    We know Matt Dog has everything under control as he’s well qualified, unlike you Republican sell out. I still pray you recover quickly from your fight with brain cancer. That’s what honest, genuine, Patriotic, caring, Americans do.

  • Kstar

    I hope our President will completely ignore everything and anything this traitor has to say. He’s a stab in the back all the way around. This guy needs to retire and get out of the entire picture.

  • R M

    Go get healthy and retire. You lied to the people of Arizona that you were a republican and should be recalled

  • John Gasper

    McCain knows as much about military strategy as he knows about being a conservative American…..which is 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000!!!

    • Dennis Dumas

      He knows how to squeal like a pig when captured by enemy for sure!
      North Vietnamese used to call him “John Songbird McCain” it’s surely not because of a great singing voice I assure you! If you have ever seen or heard his rendition of a Beach Boys classic called “barbaran” where he substituted song title for “bombIran”tou know what I am talking about!
      McCain is a traitor, should of been tried and hung a long time ago, had it not been for his father Admiral McCain. His poor father must be turning in his grave because of the behavior of his Traitor son.
      John McCain and John Kerry were instrumental in killing negotiations with North Vietnam to bring back our MIA and POW soldiers, they both feared one of them might rat them out!
      Google “Songbird McCain or Bob Dumas” and see results if you won’t take my word for it!!!

  • OnlyTruthFirst

    Sorry, who asked for his imput. He is only going to spew his big donor, George Soros plan. He threw his constitutients under the bus on OBAMACARE, as his state is facing a 116% increase this year and more next year. He needs to retire and take his hate for Trump and the American people and try to find peace with himself before he faces his maker.

  • gooojooo1

    he knows how to set ships on fire

    • Ironmike4610

      And kill Sailors!!!

  • Arti

    McCain is a globalist stooge who wants a world war. Now most “republicans” and all “democrats” are globalists, there is only one party and they don”t work for the American people.

  • feedupvoter

    The man that screwed the tax payers. We are the ones that John McCain gave the short end. Thanks John.
    Here is a man that will get better health care then most of use can even buy or afford, he gets it free with no co-pays or deductible. Thanks senator.

  • jollypolly

    McCain is a despicable human being, he is spiteful ,vicious ,traitorous ,hateful little weasel who is consumed with hate for the President. McCain is willing to let America die, rather than do the right thing. Now this weasel had eight years of his hero BO to do something about Afghanistan., yet he did nothing. I don’t think this cretin will be around in September

  • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

    Well. WHAT an idiot! Does that traitor not see that Pres. Trump is being purposely OBSTRUCTED by the stupid democrats and rinos? Not to mention McCain himself? He needs (McCain) to just go away. He has no one left who wants to listen to his stupidity after his thumbs down vote on Ovomitcare repeal.

  • Cecil Keeler Jr.


  • Cindy Nobinger

    The only thing we need McCain to do is resign! Trump has much better qualified people to come up with a plan.

  • Roger_T73

    Jonny boy is way outside of his wheelhouse this time!!!

  • Jackson Brannon

    Once a traitor always a traitor!! His plan would obviously include rotating from POW camp to POW camp and point out all of the officers to the enemy!! After his traitorous actions against us on the Odummy care I hope this POS scumbag SOB dies a long slow painful death from his Cancer!!!

  • elkhunt
  • George Reed

    Who gives a damn what McCain thinks or has to say after the last stunt he just pulled ACA.

  • chickief

    Will it be the same sell out your friends strategy that he used in VN?

  • Tk Matthews

    Please, enough of this “blivit”.

  • Arnold Young

    Please-take your brain cancer to a doc and get it replacesd with a brain that works!

  • Concerned great grandmother

    McSlime never was involved in military strategy. He was not the sharpest kid on the block when attending Annapolis, finished second from the bottom. His strategy is to sneak over to the Middle East and make deals with what were called moderate terrorists and make sure they were well supplied. McSlime, Killary and Obrainless should be held accountable for all the human lives lost because of ISIS and the destruction of the cities, towns and villages that forced people from their homes. Also they are responsible for the tortuous deaths, rape and making of sex slaves of the Christians.
    Just a thought, no proof. If he was such a songbird giving up classified information to the Viet Cong about his ship and US other ships, maybe he might be a leaker.
    Another thought is that the commentators and news talk show hosts are ordered to interview or quote McSlime by their “bosses”.
    Many do not know about McSlime and the Forestall. Above is the URL, but type in search: and it should come up.
    McSlime has never shown remorse for killing 134 crew members, many of whom were burned alive,, destroying million of dollars worth of aircraft and forced the Forestall to be out of commission for more than six months having repairs that also ran into the million of dollars.. He was never held accountable for his smart ass actions as his father and grandfather were four star admirals and pulled strings to have this incident swept under the carpet. I guess they did not want to admit the McSlime did not have an IQ anyone could brag about.
    McSlime is a “me, myself and I” person and, in reality, wants to be always in the spotlight.