Liberals Believe Trump Has Normalized Racism

Karine Jean-Pierre who is the spokeswoman of told CNN President Trump had “normalized” racism.

Jean-Pierre stated, “It is bizarre and wild that the president makes himself a victim and his administration make him a victim when he is a bully in chief. He uses the bully pulpit to attack. He goes after women of color, he and his administration. They go after Latinos and immigrants calling them animals, conflating MS-13 to immigrants to refugees.”

“Racism was here before Donald Trump and sadly it will be here after. That is the fact. But what he has done, he has normalized it. He’s given license to people to make it okay, to say, ‘You want to put out your racism, even loud and be public about it? Go ahead because he’s doing it.’ And that is the problem that we’re in in this culture war because it is coming from the White House.”

  • William L. Ramsburg


  • Rob

    Actually, the truth is barry made racism a household word. One that libs use when they are losing an argument which is always with a conservative. He didn’t talk about the more insidious racism, black racism. If you’re thinking ‘I’m black, I can’t be racist.’ Yes you can BLM, it’s better known as reverse racism. For whatever reason, you and the players in the NFL seem to want to live in the past. That was your great grandparents life, not yours. Mine were in death camps, am I playing victim like you? The Marines don’t seem to think so.

  • Ron C

    Racism is being pushed in the halls of academia…they judge people by mere skin color alone…A mans/woman’s character is no longer even a slight consideration!
    The professors are selling nothing by division & hate among the races…period!

  • Kenneth Fichtl

    Total BS They have an agenda. What about the good things that have happen Just think about how many blacks got fined by Obamacare or how their unemployment was thru the roof What about blm where did they go No towns to burn down when a gentle Giant tries to kill a cop? Trump never said All illegals were bad

  • MajorPain

    Another one screaming the “R” word That they have been whipping the American People of every color with for over 50 Yrs. and they wonder why we the People of the United States have stopped listening to their Blather and are know in Full Revolt. Proof that you can’t fix STUPID and there is no cure for the INSANE.

  • Kirk Kahler

    you know that it is so funny how the left keeps using the race card !! do they not have any thing else to work with ? under trump black and Hispanics are doing better than any time in history but they still use that card ! all the left wants is power over the people and you know what American’s are seeing for them self’s that the democrats are working to replace them with illegals ! that democrats are at war with white men, history, life, the military, police and faith ! more and more people are seeing that the left are bully’s and race baiters ! every week now we are seeing more and more of the democrats lies, miss deeds and corruption being exposed and still they toss that card out ! democrats do not want blacks and Hispanics to do well cuz if they do then they loose the power of there vote ! I just wish that democrats worked as hard for Americans as they do for there new voter base the illegals !!

  • Jmanjo

    The Democrats ave hit rock bottom. They have only blubbering fools in office with no one viable to run. Trump is not racial. The liberal media is, the minority activist are racially bigoted, and the globalists are treasonous.

  • gvette

    I remember years ago, racism wasn’t even part of anyones conversations. Then the DemonRATS gave us the most raciest black in the world, for a president! That’s when it started.

  • luglor72

    Obama made this issue worse during his administration. He is a double-faced bigot who preached for unity but his actions were just the opposite.

  • A_Nobody

    Well, libs have the intelligence of an amoeba……so….