Levin: Trump has done ‘damn good job’

Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin started his show Tuesday evening praising President Trump’s speech on Afghanistan, arguing that Trump chose the right course of action in deciding to further engage there.

Levin expressed confidence in the president’s ability to win the war, pointing to the acumen of Sec. of Defense James Mattis and other top advisers who helped the commander in chief craft his strategy.

“President Trump has done an outstanding job, along with his advisers, in dealing with ISIS,” Levin added. “ISIS is being pushed back and ISIS is on the brink of defeat.”

He added: “We went into Afghanistan because that was where 9-11 was hatched. In Afghanistan … We’re not chasing birds in Afghanistan, we’re there for a reason.”

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source: https://www.conservativereview.com/articles/levin-president-trump-has-done-damn-good-job-on-foreign-policy

  • gene smiith

    Finally some nice words spoken honestly.

    • The Redman

      Nah, gene-e. U jes have big ears like most stupid white-folks. hahhahahahhaahaha

  • Raymond Wells

    Trump went back on his previous commentary about getting out of Afganistan. Huge mistake throwing more human lives and more money on a war that will never be won. The military industrial complex wouldn’t let Trump do it. War is good for busniess. We will never get out of there with a victory….just ask the Russians. Trumps instincts were right, he got played.

    • The Redman

      98% of white-folks, even the-(Russians)-put wealth over humans at all times. trump-ah-hump, nor either of his brats has never been in boot camp.

    • Mark Menenedez

      Agree. Trump’s instincts were correct. He went against his campaign promise. Our president is surrounded by globalist & generals who want war and are giving him bad advise. When Trump is presented with the correct information he always makes the right decision. What did his advisers tell him to change his mind?

  • The Redman

    white-folks ruined america long ago, but, trump-ah-hump will sink it even more. hahahahhahahhaahah

  • gene smiith

    Hey, here is an idea…amaze everyone and say something intelligent….