Leftists Celebrate The Death Of Eric Bolling’s Son

Eric Chase Bolling, the son of former Fox News anchor Eric Bolling, died on Saturday. His passing is being celebrated by leftists on Twitter to mock his father, who lost his job on the cable news network following allegations of sexual harassment.

TMZ reported that Bolling Jr., who was 19, died from a drug overdose. Numerous leftists on Twitter called his death a fitting punishment for his father’s alleged actions.

“I knew [Eric Bolling] was a POS, but it is incredibly rare to see karma deliver such harsh justice,” wrote @Donnie2Scoop. “The teen son deserved better.”

Dozens of other progressives mocked Bolling for his son’s death, also calling it karma. Many gloated over the tragedy, sharing GIFs and images to express their joy at his suffering.

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source: http://dailycaller.com/2017/09/10/leftists-celebrate-the-death-of-eric-bollings-son/

  • Ron C

    Yeeesss…this proves why the liberal democrat’s have to keep telling everyone they are more tolerant then anyone one else…what a bunch of sick lunatic’s the democrat’s have become…!

  • Carol Dugan

    There are a lot of sick liberals. They will pay because they have someone other than the America people to answer to. America people need to pray for them because they are going to need all the prayers they can get. Amen

  • glenda lafont

    what a tragedy. what about karma for Bill Clinton? would they rejoice then?

  • rebeccadewhirst

    A real tragedy I feel so sorry for his dad and his mom brothers and sisters and family very very sad

  • Larry Oilund

    proof the left is evil!

  • Gardener8

    The Democrat reaction is shockingly sick. I hope they get mental help immediately.

    • Jeannie

      I hope KARMA will come back to bite them in the A$$

  • irish1919

    Trump is now part of the swamp. By letting congress decide DACA is amnesty for all those lawbreakers . The repubs are pathetic and all traitors . If they support the Dems it means they are OK with Antifa and BLM. Quite frankly I am done with any of them. Good luck in 2018 you A-holes.

    • G. W.

      Irish 1919 does not one have to commit a crime to be a criminal????? is not lawbreakers criminals????? These kits are not the criminal, their parents or who ever brought them into the Country are the criminals.

  • Estell Newton

    The leftists are sick. Don’t they have sympathy for anyone?

  • DJ_Fisher

    The Body of Christ better get serious about praying the demons back into hell where they belong, before it is too late. Christians are being tested for faith and obedience.

  • Dennis Smith

    This goes to show you how low we have sunk as a society

  • Vicki Campbell

    This is totally unacceptable. No one is deserving of this kind of treatment.

  • Jammers

    This is nothing but Right Wing Extremist BS. You take the FEW examples of IDIOTS and Lowlifes making callous remarks about his son’s death and say it represents “ALL LEFTISTS” and that’s BS.
    Did you howl about the MANY Right Wingers that did this to Joe Biden when his son Died? One Right Winger said something to Biden’s face about it and he went off on his crude Extremists ass, in public and the jerk deserved it…like these fools saying things about Bolling’s Son, they are Idiots and Fools.
    This is the kind of Political Extremism Biased Hyperbole that contributes to the serious Political Division and animosity that permeates our society and political discourse. Look at the hateful comments here as an example of that.
    The more the partisan and biased media outlets push the BS you display, the longer we will stay bitterly divided and our political system will remain stagnant, due to the atmosphere of non-cooperation and viewing the “Other Side” as “the Enemy”.
    Try being part of the Solution instead of part of the Problem !