John Kerry Admits Where Obama Failed

In a sit down interview with CBS former Secretary of State John Kerry regretted former President Obama’s choice to not punish Syria for drawing a red line on chemical weapons.

“We paid a price for the way it played out without the red line being enforced by the bombing,” Kerry stated.

Kerry added, “I believe that we had several options we could’ve done at very low risk to be able to make it clear to Assad that when we had a ceasefire and when he said he was going to live by it, he had to live by it. And I thought we should have done that.”

  • Dennis Anderson

    Kerry could have been Obama`s son! They both float toy battle ships in the bath tub. Especially the fake one that dropped the ashes of Osama Bin Laden.

  • SheldonPalmer

    Kerry is full of sh*t.

  • Bruno Korschek

    Another Obama foreign policy failure, this one being called for what it is from within the Obama cabal.

    • JDWemhaner

      he made his mistakes, in contrast to corrupt Trump who makes only mistakes, like North Korea deal where Trump got skunked, and Helsinki where Trump was a skunk, to his G-& and NATO meetings, where he was PUBLICLY rude to our allies meanwhile kissing Putin’s b*tt. When Trump also refused to protect us for the 2018 by putting a stop to the bi-partisan legislation being drafted (Republican Senator Lankford) when Trump sent the word down, to his constant attempts to have the sanctions removed from his boss, Putin, Trump has shown he is compromised and unwilling to defend America from foreign adversary.

      • JDW

        I rank kerry to be in the same cesspool as the clintons, obama and his minons, hanio jane and last but not least, mc’cain. We finally have a CIC who has the intestinal fortitude to get things done. We will probably never be the Constitutional Republic our founders set up, but we are at least headed that way. If you want to be ‘ruled’ find a country like venzuela or south africa or the middle east or china and move there! Yhea, we have corruption, I just mentioned the source above.

      • Topmouse

        You’ve got quite an imagination based on some nonexistent “facts”. Go get ‘m, Kemasabi!

      • Bruno Korschek

        Raging T.D.S.

      • Big Ed

        Trump did not get skunked in Korea-one doesn’t count wins and losses until the game is over. For Obama, the game in Korea is over-he got skunked, mainly because he never tried to fix anything. As for Helsinki, Trump was attempting to get talking started instead of saber rattling-he said some bad things about his Intel community, but as it happens, not nearly bad enough. The upper echelons of the Intel community were corrupt and worked tirelessly to have Trump removed from his presidency-they started before he was elected so there is no discussion about him earning it, and I’m sure you already know that. Hillary and Obama sold 20% of our nuclear bomb material to Russia and people like you want to claim Trump is compromised? If you don’t know how many errors you’ve made in your comment, you need to read a bit more.

  • Kenneth Fichtl

    Look at Barrys face?

  • Big Ed

    Kerry says he wants to talk about mistakes Obama made, and then writes a paragraph on Obama’s failure to defend his red line in the sand in Syria. Hell, given the time, I could write a book about what Obama did wrong. Something in the vein of “War and Peace”. Two misdeeds immediately come to mind-hiring Hillary for Secretary of State and replacing her with John Kerry.

  • John D

    Hind sight is always 20/20. The other huge failure was Kerry.