Jealous Bill Maher Attack North Korea Summit

HBO’s Bill Maher insisted that no progress was actually made between the US and North Korea during the recent summit. He claims it was a “feckless stunt” and called Kim Jong-un and President Trump, “two people who lie about everything,” “signed a deal that was specific about nothing.”

Maher more specifically stated, “[A]ll the critics are saying, and they’re right, that nothing really came of this, it was two people who lie about everything, who signed a deal that was specific about nothing. I would say it was a feckless stunt.”

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    Can you really listen to a baby killer, abortion supporter?

  • Holly

    a lot of Hollywood people are using the word feckless so just like Deniro I’d like to say Feck You Maher !

    • Jim

      Holly, for some reason I don,t recall this goof ball being by President Trumps side at those talks, do you? I just love it when his kind show how stupid they really are opening their pie hole with no “FACTS” Trey Gowdy loves people like him in a court of Law.Wonder who told him all these things?.

  • James

    Maher is a piece of shit . Remember he called our service people cowards .

    • Jim

      Not too any of their faces. Or any VET. I would love to cave in his head as a Vet.

  • Patrick Feeney

    Other than running his mouth, what has Bill Maher ever done for America!

  • Ddenney1

    I guess IRAN DEAL was the high water mark for him! 150 billion released to support terror groups around the world and another 500 million in LAUNDERED money on a pallet in 3 different currencies!!!!! What did we get there????? Oh yeah we get PICTURES OF NUKE FACILITIES but ONLY AFTER 3 weeks notice we want them!!!! GEE why doesn’t ZERO have TWO NOBEL”S?????

  • Ron C

    So let me get this straight…the lunatic Maher wants economic collapse and now war with north Korea, all for the simple reason that crooked Hillary isn’t the president…and people watch his show why…???

    • Vicki M

      Extremely Low IQ and brainwashed viewing audience.

    • vaquero711

      People watching his show cos they are clinically insane leftists lunatics.

    • antimarxist

      They are useful idiots.

  • Mike

    Since when does anyone care about what Maher says or thinks? He’s an idiot!
    A FECKLESS IDIOT at that.

  • ray

    bill maher is a communist idiot . his show should canciled. his ignorance is unreal people like him should be locked up for life.

  • mybuild2

    Bill Maher Is An Ignorant Celebrity With “TDS” Who’s Opinion Means Nothing To Anyone With Real Integrity. Trump Haters Are Blinded By Their Own Elitist Sense Of No It All, Superiority To Everyone On The Planet.

  • Elaine Bobula

    Great posts below, agree one hundred percent with all said.

  • Bobby

    If Maher is Brilliant as He thinks he claims – RUN FOR OFFICE otherwise shut the F’ ck Up

  • Paladin

    Maher has no interest for me… perhaps we would be better if he were a tailor or beer master!!!

  • gene smith

    “” All the critics” are just a bunch exactly like Maher….morons holding hands in jealous opposition to anything that our President does for the Country.
    What an ass Maher is and what a bunch of sick sheep are those who listen to his drivel and have any faith at all in a single word that comes from his filthy mouth

  • vaquero711

    The only difference between the bag full of shit and Bill Maher and De Niro is no bag.

  • swampfox2

    It’s surprising his show is still on. He does nothing but whine and cry about President Trump and any other conservative politician or pundit. We need Dennis Miller to have a show opposite Maher’s and see who gets the largest audience.

  • Gardener8

    Mr. Maher is, quite obviously, mentally ill. His statements, therefore, are to be taken in view of this observation.

  • Ronald Hagler

    This is exactly why I do not watch Maher or Colbert; too much liberal rhetoric and no substance. That the meeting even occurred is progress beyond anything Obama accomplished, but liberals have no platform and keep repeating negative idioms against President Trump. In the past two years, liberals have attacked the shoes the First Lady wore to board the helicopter taking the President and First Lady to Air Force 1, spent millions chasing that elusive unicorn referred to as “The Trump/Russia Collusion” , had a Bernie Sanders supporter attack the GOP baseball team, attacked President Trump’s stance on The Affordable Care Act, attacked the GOP for supporting the Second Amendment, blocked every attempt by Trump’s administration to curb illegal migration into this nation and used their “Hollywood” connections to attack everything President Trump has said or done since taking office. The one thing Democrats and their legend on mindless minions have not done is promote any thing constructive. Their mission is to disrupt the Trump Administration to the point that they restrict most of what he proposes to do.

  • rmagnano

    What is it about you “LIBERALs”? Have you ever given anybody except another ungrateful a good word.
    Your not my cup of tea, jerk.

  • Common Tater

    Not surprised coming from a goof like him who gave Odumbo a million dollars for his campaign.

  • Bert

    Please, take Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shumer, Elizabeth Warren, and Bill Maher and export them to a place where communication facilities do not exist. Make sure they only have one-way tickets.

  • scott forman

    Maher is a total idiot. Do any sane people still watch his show?

  • Topmouse

    In selling, and even social psychology, it’s called the “foot in the door” technique. You have to start talking somehow and this is the beginning. Nothing may happen, but something may happen over time when you’re talking and finding points of common interest. Or we can just agree with Bill Maher and use the “give up” technique that doesn’t fit into any discipline unless the liberals have a new branch of pseudo-knowledge.