It’s Official, No Russian Collusion

Representative Mike Conaway (R-TX) who is in charge of the House Intelligence Committee’s Russia investigation informed media sources the draft report released by the Republicans and stated, “Yes, the Russians tried to interfere with our election process. … We could find no evidence of collusion between either campaign and the Russians.”

“Well, the headlines are that we’ve reached that point where we’ve interviewed all the folks we need to. We’ve looked at some 300,000 documents, 73 interviews that we’ve done across the course of this thing, trying to answer the four questions that were originally set out for the committee to answer. Yes, the Russians tried to interfere with our election process. Yes, they had cyberattacks, active measures going on. We could find no evidence of collusion between either campaign and the Russians. And we also have some recommendations — will have recommendations that speak to what we do with elections going forward, how important it is for Americans to be on guard on a process that’s sacred to our democracy — our representative republic, quite frankly, and that is the electing of leadership across this country.”

“[E]very Congressional investigation has always got a caveat, that ten years from now, some private diary might be found that leads to a different conclusion. … But, with respect to answering these four questions, we believe we’ve got the information necessary to answer those for the American people.”

  • Maxine Simon

    I am so sick of Crooked Politicians. I do believe there was RUSSIAN/DNC OBAMA ETC COLLUSION! Is he just Disregarding all the Facts of Hillary and the Dossier? All those involved, including Rice, Obama etc? Let’s not forget how DNC Refused to let the FBI Look at there Servers! They brought in a outside sorce, what were they hiding? Then there were some States which was dealing with Interference on the Election rolls. If you recall, this is when Clapper, and Brennan, others were trying to say it was Russia. WAS THE BIG PUSH TO START THIS TRUMP/RUSSIA COLLUSION! What was Shown was it was are OWN GOVERNMENT WITHIN, COMING FROM THERE SERVERS HACKING IN THE SYSTEM, NOT RUSSIA! We will never have the truth. What Concerns me with there Conclusion here, HOW CAN THE DOSSIER NOT HAVE TO DO WITH THE DNC/RUSSIA COLLUSION? I hope I am wrong that this is a whole other Charge of all involved and we will see Justice! You know for a fact if the tables were turned and it was Trump paying for a Fake Dossier with Russians, MUELLER OULD HAVE HAD HIS SPOKEN GUN, ON TOP OF THE ANTI TRUMPTERS, FAKE MEDIA WOULD HAVE BEEN A OUTRIGHT PROSECUTION.

    • Susan Meyer

      Maxine Simon – I agree with most of what you have written and thanks for giving us your point of view. However, misspelling words and using words that don’t belong, bother me. For instance, you wrote “there” when it should be “their”, used “was” instead of “were”, used “spoken” instead of “smoking”, used “are” instead of “our”. I’m sure you get what I mean. Words and how they are used is very important. Thanks for hearing me out. It just bothers me.

      • Anne Latella

        These are common errors committed by many people. These Blogs are not a spelling contest, so stop correcting people!

        • Zinsky

          Yes, Susan, it isn’t fair to hold conservatives to 8th grade spelling and grammatical conventions. That is far too high a bar for them!


    We all new there was no collusion before the investiagtion even started

    • Zinsky

      Did you “no” that?

  • Zinsky

    Not collusion, just conspiracy to defraud the American people, election tampering and extensive wire and mail fraud committed by the Trump campaign. Throw in some money-laundering for Russian oligarchs and you have the most corrupt, fraudulent and illegitimate candidate in American political history. Future historians are not going to be kind to a disgusting pervert like Trump, who was NOT elected by the American people and is clearly unfit for office. All you Tea Party lemmings can revel in your minuscule tax cuts (which, by the way, were all borrowed or more specifically, stolen from our children) because Trump is going down in flames and is going to take the GOP with him.

    • Typical liberal statement Zinsky. You have no facts to back up your claims so you resort to name calling like a child.By the way, Trump was elected by the American People. He won the electoral votes, which is how our government works. We do not live in a democracy but a republic. Go actually read a book or two about American history and how our nation was founded. I know you probably won’t because reading facts might be “too high of a bar’ for you.

      • Zinsky

        Actually Stu, we live in a democratic republic. Every other election in the United States is decided by majority balloting. The CIA’s Factbook website refers to the U.S. as a democratic republic for that reason. I know simple-minded conservatives like to assert that we are a “republic” because they think that gives Republicans more legitimacy than the Democratic (not “Democrat”) Party which is utter nonsense. I am quite knowledgeable about American history, thank you. I also am knowledgeable about world politics and would hasten to point out that no other country in the world has seen fit to emulate the Electoral College, since it is so horribly flawed. It is a vestigial remnant of slavery, just like the 2nd Amendment, and is why this country is so deeply scarred.