Israeli Prime Minister Gives Appreciation To Trump

Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, was recently aired on CNN stating his appreciation of President Trump’s decision to consider Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He called it, “a great service for peace.”

Netanyahu said, “The seat of government is in Jerusalem. This has been the case for the 70 years of Israel’s existence that we’re celebrating now. Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish people since the time of King David. That’s only 3,000 years ago. President Trump made history by recognizing history, recognizing these indelible facts of the past and the present and under any peace agreement. You know that the capital of Israel will continue to Jerusalem and the seed of our government will continue to be in Jerusalem.”

He spoke fondly of Trump saying, “He did a great service for peace because peace can only be based on truth, on reality. And denying the simple fact that Israel’s capital is Jerusalem is — pushes peace backward by creating an illusion, a fantasy. You can’t build peace on fantasy.”