Is Trump Running From His Responsibilities

Former interim Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile claimed that President Trump is “away from his responsibility as a leader.”

Brazile stated, “When the child has an absent parent, the other parent steps up, or the sibling steps up. When the country is going through a lot of pain and strive, you look for the president to be the parent figure. Yesterday, I think, at that moment he was not the parent we needed. He was not the person that could heal us, that could talk about the pain. He runs away from his responsibility as a leader. We’re all leaders. We all have voices. His voice is the loudest at a moment like this. A moment when our leaders, our former presidents, regardless of their party, they were elected by the American people, their lives were stake, the lives of our attorney general, the lives of members of Congress, the lives of people who are just regular people, people in the media.”