Is The Mueller Investigation Good For Trump?

New York Times columnist David Brooks told PBS President Trump “realized that the Mueller investigation is not a bad thing for him, but a good thing for him.” He added talks of Mueller are overplayed and that “we’re stuck in this, where his [the president’s] story trumps our facts.”

Brooks stated Trump has “realized that the Mueller investigation is not a bad thing for him, but a good thing for him, that if he can create a narrative that it’s him vs. the swamp, and that all the arms of the US government are really politicized, things controlled by the Democrats or the elites, by whoever, then he can use the soap opera, give it a new plot twist every single day, which is really what he’s been doing all week, a new set of tweets just to get us talking about it. And that — it reinforces his — the idea that he’s the brave outsider fighting the swamp, and that they’re all a bunch of political animals, and he’s the brave one. And it’s working for him.”

“Personally, I’m sick of all the daily stories about it. I think we overplay it, frankly. When the Mueller report comes out, that’ll be a big deal. But just the who goes to what meeting, frankly, I find less important than the way he’s been able to manipulate it into a soap opera benefiting himself.”

He finished saying, President Trump has “got a story. And somehow, we’re stuck in this, where his story trumps our facts.”

  • Vicki M

    I love the way President Trump runs the narrative the media tries to use against him. He creates a boomerang that comes back to KO the MSM every time. The investigation is revealing more about the Shameful Swamp creatures and the criminal activities by the Dems than ever imagined. MAGA