Is The GOP Hiding Something?

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) claims that Republicans are trying to move Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation along quickly and because of this is wondering what else they are trying to hide.

Leahy stated, “You know you cannot rush something like this. You have to have people investigate. Not partisan people but people who are real experts going into this thing. That’s what we asked for. That’s what she asked for. That’s what I asked for. That’s what the Democrats have asked for.”

“This rush to judgment makes you wonder what else are they trying to hide. The only reason for rushing it is if you don’t want other facts to come out. We are talking about lifetime appointment. An extra week or two weeks to do it, right? All Americans are affected, not just the Republican leadership and the Senate, but all Americans. Let’s take two or three weeks and do it right. Let’s get it done right. The doctor should be heard, but not in a partisan fashion that the Republican leadership set up. She should be heard in a clear way with a clear investigation.”

  • John Richmond

    Yes, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT), they are trying to move Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation along quickly. Senator you seem to have selective short memory syndrome, otherwise you might be embarrassed to realize that THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT YOUR PARTY DID TO GET THE TWO OF WORST JUDGES ON THE COURT ! Yes, Senator their are some of us around who remember the rough shod conformation of these two women on to the Court . You were part of the “leadership” who did the work of ramming these partisan hacks down the throats of the American People. It’s the Republican turn now, your phony claims are partisan as best but plainly obvious you want to stop a President from getting his pick confirmed. Think back Senator how you cried that the Republicans were trying to deny a Democrat President his picks for Supreme court from being approved. Remember Senator an old adage from our youth, “what goes around comes around”. Next time remember that!!!!

  • JDWemhaner

    The “hearing” is a sham, a stacked deck with not even the pretense of fairness. First, documents were selected by Rep Grassley, and 93% of white house papers on Judge K omitted. Second an artificial and unnecessary short time was allowed. Third, an FBI investigation, as was done with Anita Hill – Thomas was not allowed. Fourth, a biased “investigation” by a Glassley choice was supposed to be done, but the “investigator” already sent out tweets that the conclusion of confirming Kavanaugh would happen – -this even before talking with Dr. Ford. Fifth, Anita Hill was allowed 22 witnesses and 2 days of testimony – – Dr. Ford was not even allowed two witness to corroborate her story and only one day of testimony, if that. Sixth and worst of all, Grassley, Hatch, other Rep. members of the committee plus McConnell and Trump have already announced publicly they have made up their minds to support Judge K, before Dr. Ford has even testified one word. Seventh, these Rep. Senators don’t even have the integrity to ask questions to Dr. Ford, but are hiring a female litigator so they won’t look bad and since the Republicans have zero female senators on the committee. Dr. Ford does not stand a chance to be heard. You have reached your judgement, Republicans, why waste time with a sham of a hearing?

    • MajorPain

      Your use of the Force is as Weak as your Facts maybe you should actually look into some History at the Library where facts don’t change as fast as the Internet. The fact that this Political Hit job was done is that many of the Democrats on the Judiciary committee Hate Kavanaugh for one reason only and that is He Worked for Ken Starr during the Clinton Impeachment Proceedings That is all this about Revenge and Noting Else. Hand written Letters can be dated and written to infer an earlier date Copy not Original was given to FBI didn’t Bring this Subject up until after Closing Anita Hill was within Statutory time frame not 36 years Previous They have Given Her many Chances to be Heard they Extended the Deadline till 10PM tonight asked her about Witnesses to be Questioned and have bent over Backwards to allow her to Speak but she and her Lawyer Keep Moving the Goal Posts This is just what it looks and Smells Like because of Frankenstein’s Handling ( A COORDINATED DELAY AND SMEAR TACTIC ) nothing more.

    • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

      You’ve stated the Democrat tactical delaying points well. The problem is they’re not true.

    • The Redman

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  • MajorPain

    What could the GOP Be hiding. The Democrats Blocked his Appointment to the US District Court for three Years From 2003 to 2006 than in 2007 Patrick Leahy and Dickey Durbin Tried to have him Impeached saying he’d mislead the Committee during his Confirmation Hearing. Real reason they have such Animus toward Kavanaugh is the Fact He worked for KEN STARR against Hide the Weenie Willy.

  • JWB

    …..with all due “respect”, you sanctimonious son*of*b!tch, this “investigation” has been run into the gutter, with a man’s intelligence, integrity and loyalty meticulously scrutinized and now by any estimation wrongly accused, not only without merit but in a suspiciously untimely manner, interrupting what should be an “open and closed case”.

    • The Redman

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    No one is rushing anything. In fact Republicans have bent over backwards to give this (supposed) lady a chance to air her story, which by all accounts is very filmsy, and without substantiation from all available information. I wonder how a woman who can no remember when, where, and even who was there can even be taken seriously, and Feinstein, who sat on this supposed letter for 3 months must have not taken it seriosly either, unless of course she is just making an obvious partisan play by a woman who is also a Liberal activist at the last moment. Give us a breack, Dems. Your obfuscation and dishonesty is obvious! Incredible, unstubstaiated allegations, unprovable, most probably false at the last minute.

    • The Redman

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  • PPTA

    The Democrats must actually believe that we are all stupid not to see the last ,minute rush to discourage Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Why are they doing this ? Did you listen to hat Schumer said? When he actually betrayed his oath of office regarding the Constitution? He should be totally impeached out of office and tried for SEDITION. Yes, we certainly do need a special counsel to investigate George Soros , Tom Steyer, and all the rest of the Deep State pukes, and charge them all for the crimes they commited right along with the Clintons and all the rest of that group, and then sentence them to jail, and that includes some of the lawyers they have andhad, that pugered themselves. I have to live by the laws, so do you. Unless your a Democrat or a RINO. Or a far left Liberal Federal Worker who is passing information. America wake up.

    • Gary Miller

      I think it speaks volumes about how the Democrats plan to rule when they get back in power. Forget rule of law, just rule by Presidential command and supreme court making laws instead of just interpreting the law according to the Constitution.

      • The Redman

        A white-folks “con-stitution”, huh. gay-re. hahahhahahahahahhah

  • Susan K.

    These tramps had 35 years to come forward. This isn’t the first time that Kavanaugh has been nominated for a judgeship, but it is the first time anyone waved money under their noses to come out of the woodwork. This is completely transparent to anyone with a functioning brain.

    • The Redman

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  • Rachel

    Nothing to hide, just stopping the smear campaign and move him through before more fake claims come out to delay the vote.

    • The Redman

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  • rivahmitch

    As u8sual, Leahy is full of bovine scatology.

  • The Redman

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