Is Mexico Going To Pay For The Wall

CNN’s network chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta claims that President Trump has given up hope that the Mexican government “would help finance the construction of the wall.”

Acosta stated, “We hear him talk about this out on the campaign trail from time to time, and what he says is that he will in some way get Mexico to pay for this wall somewhere down the road. I suspect what you’re going to hear from his advisers when this question comes up is they’re going to say, well, some of the money that will go toward the wall will be in the form of some of this production that they think will come back to the United States as part of this renegotiated trade agreement.”

“But in terms of how the president positioned this during the campaign, where there would be some sort of expenditure on the part of the Mexican government that would help finance the construction of the wall on the Mexican border, Wolf, we’ve heard from not a single White House official who has ever explained how that is ever going to happen. So it sounds like for all practical purposes the president has given up on that. But he’s not given up on it as a campaign tool. As you know, we hear about his vision for a wall at just about every campaign rally. And he claims falsely that what he presented to the voters during the campaign is being built on the U.S./Mexico border. Of course, we know, Wolf, there’s very little as far as wall construction going on down there. There are fence repairs and that sort of thing, but nothing like what he promised during the campaign.”

“During his campaign rallies in recent months he often talks about the wall. He promises the wall will be built. He promises there will be funding for the wall but no longer says Mexico will pay for the wall, which always generated a huge amounting of applause at his rallies.”

  • cathy

    acosta is a ZERO!

  • Big Ed

    The media, and particularly CNN, continues to poke around in the dark, looking for some issue that might separate Trump from his voting base. They have tried everything and nothing to date has worked. This Trump promise, we will build a wall and Mexico will pay for it, is just their latest attempt. Several very good ideas have been proposed to accomplish Trump’s promised goal. One choice would be to tax the money being sent back to Mexico (remittances)-for the most part, money earned by illegals is not taxed and it should be (citizens don’t get to earn money which the government does not tax). At any rate, the fact that the wall is lagging is not Trump’s fault, it is rather Ryan’s and McConnell’s fault.

  • Frederick Charles Lucia

    I will state the obvious to begin with you need to consider the source so it’s not even worth reading the article. His credibility is zero we know his prejudices and biases. Also when you consider the new Free Trade Agreement depending on how you want to look at it it would seem as though Mexico is going to pay for the wall. What do you think Jimmy?

    • justicecarrier

      You beat me to it. Wholeheartedly agree. Jimmy’s credibility is lower than zero.


    The best thing the White House could do is pull Acosta’s WH creds, even though is replacement would be from CNN, they couldn’t be as big a whiner.

  • Patrick Feeney