Iran Sanctions Effective Now

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin informed Media sources that now that President Trump has pulled out of the Iran deal the sanctions are in place to begin.

Mnuchin stated, “We are ready to renegotiate now. I think the president has been clear since the campaign and since he came into office, it’s a bad deal. We don’t want Iran to ever have nuclear weapons. He’s focused on the ballistic missiles and the state-sponsored terrorism. We had lots of discussion with our allies, and we will continue to do that. I and Secretary Pompeo have had many discussions, and we will continue to do that with her counterparts.”

“What is next is the sanctions are going in place, and the sanctions worked last time. But let me also be clear, the president didn’t come into office right away and terminate this. He made it very clear three months ago that this was the last time he was going to sign the waiver unless there was a new deal. We will continue to work with our allies. So what is next, the sanctions go in place. We cut off the money to fund Iran’s bad behavior, and we work with our allies to fix the deal and get a new deal.”