How Millennials Have Changed The Democratic Party

Former Democratic presidential candidate and former DNC Chairman Howard Dean recently spoke about the current state of the Democratic Party.

Dean believes that Millennials view gay rights as “the civil rights issue of this generation” and are “re-sculpting the Democratic Party.”

“This is what’s happening that I don’t think most people understand in the Democratic Party. All these people coming in the party are not necessarily Democrats,” said Dean. “They don’t trust the system. They don’t trust anybody. But they have Democratic ideals. They want diversity. They believe that immigration is a good thing. They think women’s rights are very important. Gay rights is the civil rights issue of this generation. So they vote for us.”

“They are re-sculpting the Democratic Party while they do this. The real juice in this election is coming from places like Run For Something or Indivisible or Swing Left, and all these different groups — Color of Change. That’s what’s transforming the Democratic Party. They may not even be called Democrats, but the values are the same and they are great American traditional values in many ways.”