Hillary Speaks About Trump and Kim Jong Un

While in India, Hillary Clinton recently spoke about President Trump’s dealings with North Korea. She went on record saying President Donald Trump had “quite an affinity for dictators.”

When asked about President Trump’s relationship with Vladimir Putin Hillary stated, “Trump does have quite an affinity for dictators. He really likes their authoritarian posturing and behavior.”

“The other day when he heard Xi Jinping was going to abolish term limits he kind of wistfully said, ‘Well maybe we will do that someday in our country.’ So he does have a preexisting attitude of favorability toward these dictators. I think it’s more than that with Putin and Russia.”

India Today Editor Aroon Purie questioned, “Do they have something on him?”

Clinton responded, “Well we will find out, we will find out. Follow the money.”

  • Ron C

    Hillary is just a common criminal…fallow the money, just fallow the money!
    Trump has been investigated for two years, absolutely NO crimes what so ever…period!
    So who should be behind bars Hillary…???

    • Mike

      The entire democrat party.

      • Ron C

        Very true…they are all about forced confiscation…period!

  • rottenrollin

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    • Mike

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  • Mike

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    She wore out her welcome in America and now she’s doing world tours to promote herself and the Clintons crime family foundation.

    • EC

      Too bad the foreign press doesn’t completely ignore her. It would be really hilarious if she couldn’t find a single person to ask her a question. I can just picture her sitting in a hotel lobby in Mumbai, steaming as she realizes how irrelevant she’s become…



    • Mike

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      • Aline

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    • E Scott Hollingsworth

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      • Aline

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  • Kirk Kahler

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  • Vernon Bennett
  • Raymond Levy

    No Hillary , your the one that likes dictators , or rather their money, you crooked bitch………….

  • J. P. Lynch

    Lying progressive Hillary gets more pathetic and disgusting every day!! Once the Clinton Crime Foundation is investigated she may be in jail. Just ask the people in Haiti where all their donations went ?? Hillary is the definition of a criminal !! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Concerned

    Stupid and Crazy at the same time? There is absolutely no logic in these statements since Trump has opposed dictators all of his life. As she well knows, as Secretary of State, she had to deal with dictators and frankly did not do a very good job of it.
    She is correct in stating “Follow the money” because she was illegally involved in so many “Pay-for-Play” examples that people have lost count. Once the FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation is complete, we will see hundreds of millions of dollars if not over $1B involved in this plus other associated money laundering activities that did not even get put on the Clinton Foundation books because it flowed so some of the 18,000 off-shore accounts!
    Why Bill allows her to “go out to play” is surprising since his reputation, the Clinton Foundation, and Chelsea’s reputation are pulled into the slime with her.

    • EC

      Bill’s never seemed too concerned about looking and acting like a slimeball himself, so I don’t imagine he thinks much about her escapades. As for Chelsea, with the two parents she has, the apple couldn’t have fallen too far from the tree.

    • Kielbasakids

      Hey look, what four months brings to the front. Who the hell is doing what to whom in Trump vs. Putin. Now who the hell likes Dictators.

  • Aline

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    • Kielbasakids

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  • Patrick Bonacoscia

    China is looking to buy oil in another currency than USD and would damage the petrodollar. What Trump is trying to do with North Korea is to destabilize China. Hillary is too stupid to understand that and is undermining what Trump is trying to do. Well done idiot!

  • Jeannie

    Hillary…No one cares about what you say or think, You are IRRELEVANT!!!. You tried twice and lost twice. NO ONE WANTS YOU TO BE PRESIDENT..just STFU!! go crawl back in the snake pit you came out of!!! Take slick willy, chelsea and her family with you!!!….

  • EC

    Better to deal with dictators the way Hilary and her boss did. After all, it did wonders for Libya.

  • Estell Newton

    She’s a fine one to be talking. I heard if she had gotten elected ALL conservatives would be behind bars by now. So who really is the dictator?

    • Kielbasakids

      Is this they way all you Americans talk

      • jim

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        • Kielbasakids

          Yo Jim-boy its not all Americans, just Republicans.

  • Mike Shepard

    Was she talking about herself? Trump has put sanctions on Russia and North Korea, Hilliary sold 20% of our Uranium to Putin and received millions from Russia for her foundation and let’s not even mention the $500,000 speaking fee for Bill.
    She better pray that no one follows the money.

    • Kielbasakids

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      • jim

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    • Kielbasakids

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  • Richard Row

    Hillary is the LAST person that should be saying “follow the money.”

    It might give the FBI / DOJ ideas they apparently don’t have yet!!

    • Kielbasakids

      After thirty years and they have not found it yet. WoW you Republicans &ricks sure don’t know how to run a country now do you.