Graham Says He Doesn’t Trust Comey

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)  admitted to Fox News that he does not trust Former FBI Director James Comey.

Graham stated, “James Comey — I don’t trust him. I think he was part of an effort at the FBI to give Clinton a pass. The way they conducted the investigation was a joke. The thumb was on the scale. The head investigator by the FBI hated Trump, liked Clinton. They were trying to come up with an insurance policy to make sure that Trump didn’t win the election. They talked openly about how much they hated Trump and I think the Clinton e-mail investigation was a joke.”

“This whole thing stinks. We should have a special counsel looking at DOJ corruption.”

  • rottenrollin

    Who DOES trust Comey??

    • Libtards!

      • rottenrollin

        I wonder if even THOSE POS cretins give him credence anymore……

        I think of him as a hero for inadvertently sinking the HagHillarBitch with his errant second go around on her……..

        Trump was in the ascending and HagHillaryBitch was in the descending…….

        THANK YOU, GOD !!!!!

    • Russ Raetzman

      Good question, indeed. Comey is a Scumbag, and needs to go to prision along with Clinton. Both are Criminals.

  • Gerry Costa

    Can I just say “DUH” !!!! It took you this long to figure that out rino. comey is nothing but a lying, deceiving dirty cop. I am so happy that graham finally figured this out but I think graham is just as untrustworthy as comey.

  • Big Ed

    Lindsey Graham is a crud ball. He openly admits he doesn’t trust Comey, he knows that the actions that led to the investigation of Trump was BS, and yet he is first in line to sign the bill that says Trump can’t fire Mueller. The entire fiasco is BS and yet I guess Trump is just supposed to grin and bear it until Mueller gets tired of the whole thing (probably won’t happen until 2024 if Trump wins again in 2020).

    • Tony

      Lindsey Graham doesn’t know if he has found a rope or lost a mule. Most of the time. The American people are normally two or three steps ahead of him in knowing what is going on in government.

  • Angelika G

    WOW, did he FIND his BRAIN, or is he TRYING to put some NEWS out here, NEWS that are OLD news by NOW…..!!! DON’T the American PUBLIC see and UNDERSTAND what kind of OLD FARTS we have in our so called Government who are WAKING UP weeks LATER….??? WHERE has he been all of this time, UNDER his ROCK somewhere….???????????? WHAT if America would really get hit with a NUKE, is THIS guy going to come out THREE weeks LATER to let us all KNOW that “some” part of this country has been totally DESTROYED…..????

  • Carl Carlson

    Whats the big deal? Nobody else trusts Comey, so whats new?

  • justanagent

    We are emerging from eight years under a corrupt and illegitimate government. Cleaning up the corruption and restoring legitimacy will not be easy. The crooks will not go down without a fight.