GOP Sen Kennedy Suggest ‘Idiot Control’

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) told the media that rather than pushing for more gun control, there should be more “idiot control.”

Partial transcript as follows:

BERMAN: We’re talking about this measure before the Senate, that at least the number two in the Senate, John Cornyn, wants to bring up, which is you know, called the fix NICS plan, to address some changes to improve the national criminal background check on buying guns. You have actually opposed these changes over the last couple of months. Why?

KENNEDY: I support the spirit of Senator Cornyn’s bill.

BERMAN: But the spirit isn’t the legislation —

KENNEDY: I just don’t think it is going to do anything. I mean, this is what it says. It says, look, we know for a fact that many federal agencies and many states are not sending information into the NICS database. There are holes in the program you can drive a Mac truck through. So in order to encourage compliance, we’re going to tell the federal employees if you don’t start doing your job, we’re going to take away your bonuses. Well, why are they getting bonuses to begin with? To the states, it says pretty please, if you’ll do your job, we might give you more money. We’ll give you a leg up on getting grants. That’s not going to accomplish anything. Can I just make one other point? If the president wanted to do something here, and I think he does, I would encourage him to send out, to call all the cabinet secretaries in and say, look, I need the names of the people in your agencies who are responsible for sending information into the database. I want their names, and their phone numbers. And if they don’t do their job, then fire them. They already have an incentive to do their job. It is called a job. And if the governors, I mean, I’ve listened to a lot of our governors, who I love dearly, talk about the need to do something. Look, I understand that. They could start with making sure their states are cooperating with the database.

BERMAN: Okay. so, Senator, you say you support the spirit of the measure being proposed by Senator Cornyn. You sound like you want states to comply here.


BERMAN: In order to get to that spirit, in order to achieve that spirit, in order to achieve anything, is there any gun measure, any legislation you can conceive of supporting?

KENNEDY: I don’t think we need more gun control laws.

BERMAN: Not a single one?

KENNEDY: No. I think we need more idiot control. Look what happened here. There were, what, 40 different calls placed on —

BERMAN: I’m sorry, you use that word — you used the word idiot, I heard you use that before, who are you referring to specifically?

KENNEDY: I’m talking to the people who do this. Some of whom are mentally ill, and to them I would say, okay, misuse of the word idiot, but I’m talking about other people, we just automatically assume some of these folks are mentally ill. I happen to believe there is evil in the world. but i’m not going to —

BERMAN: So Senator, when we talk about guns, hang on, one point here, I’m not going to use the word you use there, but if you’re talking about mentally ill, the issue is how do you keep guns out of their hands? How do you keep them from getting guns if they should not have them? What is the tool that you suggest using to do that?

KENNEDY: We have the tools in place. They’re not being implemented. Let me say it again, the NICS database has holes big enough to drive a Mac truck through. In the instance in Florida, with the man who killed all these people, there is an assumption he’s mentally ill, I don’t know that, so I will call him an idiot. I don’t know that.

  • quarkie009

    I agree with Senator Kennedy in that we do not need more gun control because we have enough laws on the books. The people in charge of enforcing the laws must be held accountable and they will comply or you are fired. No bans on anymore weapons. A lot of these people that are involved in mass shootings are not mentally ill at all. They have chosen to disobey the law for what ever reason and choose to murder people to get their 15 minutes of fame and when they are caught/killed by police suicide; tough luck. If they are caught and justice is put into play, then they should be executed by public hanging within a week after their sentence of death has been pronounced, instead of getting so called injections 20 years later after having been fed and clothed by the state and the victims’ families endure all this waiting
    is full of dung. All of the liberals that want mercy shown to such murderers should be compelled to keep them with their own families, without guards and sleeping with them in their own bed rooms and pay for all their upkeep from their own money and see how long that it will take until they complain and whine like the brats that they are…

    • Rod

      Yes, very good suggestion.

    • Tony

      buy The way I for one of the millions of people in our country see those that may be called idiots ,they are not that really idiots ,but are little off in their heads,why is because those are the types of people that are needed to do crazy things,and they all know what money is, and will do most anything for it ,And I have seen and knew such a person ,as he was a not crazy when it came to money ,even though some of us called him crazy,As it was one freezing cold winter day ,when we where walking by a frozen creek with water about four feet or more, and one of the kids that we where with hand a couple of dollars on him ,and this crazy kid as we called him ,because of the way he would talk and acted ,when he told the kid who money on him, that he would do anything for a buck are a dollar,that is when this other kid with a dollar told him if he would jump into the creek ,he would give him a dollar,And sure enough he did it and almost died for that dollar ,And that is what I for one fell is taking place with those that we are hear about,as someone may be paying them to do such things,such as with a weapon are any other way of killing people ,and as soon as it takes place with a weapon ,our gun rights go under attack.which those other idiots would like to remove from we the people ,that been under attack for decades. And like was said those types of people ,will do almost anything for money.

    • gubllod

      Quarkie009: Amen! An excellent approach to idiot control!

  • Dodie1990

    He is right. More laws will do nothing except penalize legal lawful citizens. Criminals/crazies do not and will never obey any laws. (Chicago?) It is not the guns that are the problem, it is their misuse.

    • Meathead

      Chicago’s idiotic government is the major problem with their “No Gun” stance.

      Name one Democrat Party led city that IS NOT in financial distress? Name one that doesn’t have a high murder rate?

      • A_Nobody

        AND name a liberal who isn’t an idiot. Our problem is ALL Democrat since they’ve been the ones shooting people.

  • Deert

    Imagine if he had told the reporter:

    “These shooters are either retarded or crazy.”

    • E Scott Hollingsworth

      Or that they are Demwits.

  • Steven Earle

    This Kennedy is talking sense. Dem’s don’t want to hear it but he is. The Democratic Party has been co-opted by Marxist’s who’s objective is to disarm the American people then force a Marxist Socialist government on us. All Marxist Socialists governments that have ever been are totalitarian by necessity. The proposals Dem’s put forward are nothing but infringements on the rights of the American people to self defense. As we have so clearly and blatantly seen in Fla the government is incapable of protecting us, our children or our schools or work places. So this is the entity liberals would have us be dependent on for our very lives. I don’t think so.

  • Meathead

    The simple answer is to get rid of the insidious “Gun Free – Come Shoot Us” Zones and follow the 2nd Amendment as it is written – “the right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT be INFRINGED”!

    Those who wish to take on the responsibility of being armed to protect themselves and others should be allowed to do so, PERIOD!

    Hundreds of crimes are stopped everyday by ‘good folks with a gun’ and the vast majority of the time, it never has to be fired. The corrupt, communist, left-wing, lying media is not about to report these even when they are known.

    I had an instance three Christmas’ ago when three young men were walking toward me on the opposite side of a parking lane when one peeled off and started walking toward me. I stopped, unzipped my jacket, reached inside and smiled at him. He got the message and reversed direction back to the other two. My hand was wrapped around a Model 1911 that he could not see and I was not about to be a victim of the “Knockout Game”. I was age 73 at the time and no match for a youngster. The 1911 gave me the advantage. Yeah, the Walmart that I had just exited is a “No Gun” store. Ask me if I give a damn about those insidious signs!

    • Rod

      I agree

  • Jim

    Not the response I would have expected from someone with the surname Kennedy. I agree with democrat on this issue. We have more than enough laws against all types of criminal acts, including murder. If laws making murder a criminal offense were effective there would be no murder. But of course, the moral person abides by the law. The evil person does not. Evil is the problem, not guns, hammers, knives, clubs or any other inanimate object that is used to kill.

  • Daniel from TN

    This has been proven to be true. For decades gun ownership was banned in Washington D.C. During that time the nation’s capital was also the murder capital of the country. Murder in that city decreased when the gun ban was declared unconstitutional.
    Legal gun ownership is almost impossible to accomplish in Chicago. Look what’s happening there.
    Two countries banned gun ownership about 20 years ago; England and Australia. Crime in both countries skyrocketed. It seems the government forgot to tell the criminals they were no longer allowed to own guns.
    In England, a new government office was established to “rename” crimes, so they do not sound as bad as they really are. Rape is now called domestic assault: Burglary is now called unlawful entry.
    In Australia, some crimes have increased so much that the increase cannot be measured.
    The governments of both countries forgot one expression: GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE. PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE.
    I’m not saying there isn’t a problem with gun violence, because there certainly is a problem. I’m saying gun control is not the answer.

  • Oldtymepatriot

    So, is he suggesting controlling Democrats and other radical leftists?
    Those are the ones who seem to be suffering from mental problems of several kinds.

  • Ronald Hagler

    Mankind has been both benevolent and malevolent since creation and in each generation, the unlawful, the malevolent have been held responsible for their actions. Before guns, killings were from stones, which evolved into clubs, which evolved into spears, then knives, then arrows and, finally, after centuries of murder and carnage, firearms were invented.

    In the 9th century, the Chinese invented black powder. Later, they created what is described as the “fire lance”: a tube attached to a spear and filled with black powder, which was used as a weapon. This, of course, lead to firearms and, as is quoted, “the rest is history”.

    Europeans landed on our shores approximately 600 years ago and we have been a land of firearms owners ever since. For hundreds of years we have lived, worked and socialized with gun owners without suffering such tragedies as we now experience against our schools, our politicians and churches . When we decided to rid ourselves of servitude to British Royalty, it was an armed citizenry that defeated the British Army. When rustlers and outlaws ran rampant throughout the west, it was armed ranchers who supplied the defenses which protected their families, homes and friends from the criminal onslaught. It was harsh, swift “Frontier Justice” that brought to conviction outlaws and it was tough, no-nonsense judges who supported jurors who found criminals to be guilty.

    Now we have a judicial system wrought with liberalism and void of social conscience. We have liberals educating our children with a doctrine of disrespect for family, parents and government. We have professors stomping on the American Flag, claiming it is their right under the 1st Amendment. We have liberals screaming about “gun-control” and the 2nd Amendment being antiquated. We have media outlets blaming the NRA and the GOP for every shooting, completely ignoring the shooter’s responsibility in the deaths of others. Perhaps the problem is not the firearm, but, instead, a society which has forsaken the laws and teachings learned from our history.

    Now we have the President suggesting that we by-pass “Due Process” in order to deny crazy people access to firearms. One problem here: and it is a BIG problem! Who is to declare a person to be dangerously insane? Who will be designated to discern what is (and what is not) insane actions? “Guilty” until proven innocent will become the norm! A soldier returns from defending us from terrorists in Afghanistan, goes to a military psychologists for his/her debriefing and a liberal neighbor uses this to file a complaint against the former soldier and his/her firearms are removed from the house. Two years later the case goes to court and the soldier is found to be of sound mind and the case is dismissed. This former soldier was penalized two years for nothing! How do we, as a nation, condone such abuse of power from our government? We must not! As tragic as the shootings are, they should not be used to destroy “jurisprudence” ! Any such move would create chaos and anarchy; which is exactly what the radical left wishes to achieve!

  • jerry

    Wow, a senator who has a grasp of the issue and a brain to eloquently articulate the issue. That’s as rare as a blue diamond. Can we clone him.

  • dittybop

    100% correct, do your job!I never got a bonus for doing my job, I did get one for going above and beyond, and my job had nothing to do with enforcing the laws of our country. The people who did not do their job, and it led to deaths, should be charged as accomplices, or aiding and abetting!

  • lizzardman

    Enforce the laws already on the books and get off of the backs of law abiding citizens!

  • Joel WS

    We used to HAVE idiot control, until some idiot Judge ruled it “Unconstitutional” back in the late 20th Century. *Oh, how far we’ve come since then!

    (*Many got elected into office, as democrat candidates BTW.)

  • old_salty_dawg99

    If we had IDIOT CONTROL then most of Calipornia, New York, Massachusetts and every other Democrat in America would be behind bars. In TRUTH a massive amount of Americans would be put away since we know how many tried to elect Hitlery.

  • pepineagles

    Legislators always want to look like they are doing something by bring up new legislation and then arguing it into the ground. In fact, as Senator Kennedy states, we have the laws in place, let’s use them.

    The same goes for the medical field. The majority of the first line ER doctors to see a mentally ill person are inadequately trained to deal with these situations. As it is, unless the patient comes at the doctor with severe aggression, they are not deemed “a threat to self or others” The person(s) attempting to help the mentally ill person are either thought to be “enablers” or are attempting to get the person unjustifiably committed to treatment. And, the mentally ill person walks out the door.

    Law enforcement, in most departments, are also poorly trained in dealing with mentally disturbed people. Officers, not understanding the treatment needs will most often jail the person on some criminal charge. This does not solve the problem.