Fox Anchor Supports Anthem Kneeling

Fox News anchor Eboni Williams spoke about the National Anthem policy which forces NFL players to either stand on the field or stay in the locker room during the anthem. Williams questioned when it would be a better time to protest then in front of everyones eyes.

“What you cannot do in this country, to my knowledge, is tell free, grown folks what they will or will not do, particularly when, like [Jurrell] Casey, they are willing to pay the cost of disrupting that process,” Williams said. “And to the people that say, ‘Well, you can protest, but don’t do it during the anthem, don’t do it during the game.’ Well, when else is a better time to protest and bring awareness and change about your issue of concern than when you’ve got the eyeballs of millions of people across this country, and across this world when your helmets are off?”

“Those helmets are off, the cameras are panning, you’ve got the attention of the country and the world. That is, of course, when you are going to take that opportunity. Why? Because you have earned it. You have earned that platform, and you should use it to the best interest of your community.”

  • Patrick Feeney

    The NFL can go to HELL!

  • Dick Bergman

    Never heard of Eboni Williams.

    • JC

      me too never heard of her—but what would you expect she is –lock step black

      • Dick Bergman

        Exactly. No surprise there.

      • Tony Lawrence

        So all Blacks think alike. I better let former Sheriff David Clarke know.

        • Glenn Newton

          Never learned to read did we!

          • JDW

            Think! Maybe your sentences where to complex to her understanding.

      • Kathy Sorenson

        It is obvious that all blacks do not think alike just as all whites do not think alike. I do think that while a Professional Football player or any one who is “on the job” must follow the rules of the job. Professional Football players weren’t allowed to honor police men who were shot in the line of duty with a small emblem on their helmets. There are many rules for NFL players about what they are allowed to do and wear and display while they are on the field. All jobs have rules and if one wants to work at that job – one must follow their rules. I think many of the NFL players are misguided and do not understand what they are saying when they refuse to stand for the pledge of allegiance and it feels like a slap in the face to the military and those who have died for all of our freedoms. The NFL should not allow protests during the National Anthem. Let them protest on their own time!

      • mike

        If you don’t know her why attack her!

      • al gabor

        right on brother just another black racist eboni the name says it all

    • Oldtymepatriot

      She’s Juan Williams daughter, a liberal family.
      Juan worked for National Public Radio before losing his job there and being hired by FOX.

  • Ardvark

    How about protesting the number of black males that are killing black males or committing crimes against black citizens? That fact seems to slip their minds! Or think about the fact that they live in a country where they as a minority can earn tremendous amount of money for doing something with a ball and on a court or a field! But emotion and lack of objective thought is what is key here, so they will continue they way they are!

  • Denny Ruffin

    Who, with an I.Q. above room temperature, could, possibly, care what this black POS thinks?

  • mallen11

    Who is Eboni Williams?

    • mike

      A black woman on FOX, ooh my god how can that be? Maybe because she is intelligent!

      • mallen11

        That’s fine, but I still do not know who she is.

      • A_Nobody

        She’s not that smart if she’s going along with their phony whining about the way police treat blacks. Stats show police shoot more whites by far than blacks while black on black crime far surpasses that and do you see the black communities trying to address that? Their whole premise for the kneeling is based on BS, child….and many other blacks see through it and say so only to be called uncle Tom’s, so spare us the rhetoric…..and to hell with the NFL. Got along before they got here and can do so again.

        • mike

          I don’t agree with her on this, but it doesn’t make her dum! She is allowed to have an opinion!

  • Carol Buttler

    You sure it’s not Juan Williams!!!!!??

    • ODIN937

      Eboni Williams is way smarter than Juan, who essentially is brain dead. She is entitled to her opinion, but I believe she is wrong in that regard, as do most Americans. I would rather watch the CFL as the NFL sucks. I believe Jerry Jones has laid down the law in Dallas. You won’t see any Cowboys not respecting the National Anthem or Old Glory.

      • mike

        Eboni is very smart and well compose and does not go crazy yelling and screaming the usual narrative and slogans from the left! She puts forward good arguments, with which one may or may not agree but one appreciates!

  • Carol Buttler

    Maybe she’s a blood relation to liberal Juan?????

    • mike

      Maybe you need some brains, there’s a sale of used ones in your neighborhood that might help you

      • mallen11

        Maybe you will come to realize you mean NOTHING on this site.

  • STUART522

    Her name is ‘Eboni’ that’s surprising. In 1st grade, i got spanked with a ruler for not standing up for the pledge of allegiance… i was a stupid kid, wha’ts their excuse?

    And I don’t care what they do, I’ll never watch the NFL again! Over-Paid Thugs!

    • mike

      Their excuse is the educators have for the last 30 plus years moved to the left and things like history, right from wrong, pride in your country, your flag and national anthem have become deficient and not appreciated, in fact they have become subjects to attack! All this while large numbers of immigrants have come in that do not share, in numbers, nationalistic feelings! Parents have also abdicated their responsibility in their involvement or example!

      • J Bryan Jensen

        That is a major p[lank of the communist manifesto (control of education) duh?

  • STUART522

    Stop Committing crimes and not listening to the police when they tell you something and you won’t be shot. i’m a middle aged white guy with money, but i still say ‘yes sir’ to cops and do everything they ask of me and i don’t go reaching in my pants or my pockets..which is why i’ve never been shot.

    • Tony Lawrence
      • A_Nobody

        OK, tinkerbell….compare that single happening to what’s going on in just a single lib area like, Oakland, Chicago, Baltimore, etc. They need to clean up their own acts before whining, and yes, it happens to others too but that margin is small. Let me know when you don’t makes mistakes. If it was a bad one the cop should be made to answer.

    • A_Nobody

      There are blacks who say the same thing who aren’t as childish as Eboni.

  • STUART522

    I wish i were Gerry Jones for a day, i would fire the first person who didn’t stand for the pledge. i don’t care if it was a star QB. I’d fire them until there was no one on the team,

    • mike


  • Paul Barton

    They take that opportunity because they are all pieces of shit, like the airhead that wrote this. This is Fox now. More jagoff leftists working for them than ever before.
    and Eboni (name says it all) should be saluting that flag that has enabled her to become wealthy – she sure didn’t do it on her merits, cause she ain’t got none. The day is soon coming when I will tell Fox to shove it up their ass along with all these clowns they are hiring.

    • Tony Lawrence

      Yeah, screw her and her law degree and education. That’s sarcasm.

    • mike

      No, no don’t do it! FOX will collapse, actually please leave, the sooner the better, no one wants to read your type of trash!

      • Paul Barton

        Maybe you’re one of them.

  • Alice Steinbacher

    This team member may know some of his rights, but it would be much better if he knew more about the Constitution and the background of his country and maybe, he wouldn’t want to snub his nose at the flag.
    To live in a free country is a great gift to be grateful for not to protest and make issues from a stance that he probably thinks it makes him feel good. but there will be a day that he wishes he stood. I guarantee it. SHAME

  • RMHolb

    Idiot . . . a better time is on your own time . . .

  • BEM

    They want to protest go ahead and it is my right not to watch. Why would I want to watch NFL and their team of thugs! All they do is break laws and get rewarded for it! I would rather watch a Scifi B rate movie than NFL and their la k of respect and no honor!

  • Tony Lawrence

    White racists don’t understand that the right to protest is something Americans fought and died for and kneeling isn’t about disrespecting the flag or anthem but is about calling attention to injustice. Sorry if I interrupted your Klan rally.

    • Joel Frank

      If you don’t know that not standing for the National Anthem is disrespecting those who gave their lives defending freedom and liberty that our flag and Anthem represent, there is no hope for you. By the way, what does their kneeling do to alleviate the so-called “injustice?” Most of those football players are millionaires. What are they doing on their free time to educate black youth about what it means to be a good citizen? What are they doing about Chicago where blacks are shooting blacks every day? Klan rally? Really, Tony, your words show your ignorance.

    • Danny S.

      Your simplistic views don’t seem to include manners or the feelings of others. No one is saying you can’t protest anything. But if you offend 1/2 the population maybe you might reconsider how and when you protest. Has it dawned on you yet that the Anthem is seen by many as sacred and its unacceptable to purposely disrespect it.

  • John Gasper

    Fox must be embarrassed to show photo!!! Is everyone an anchor? Is that like an anchor baby….just because you’re there or here you are??????

  • shooterg

    Excuse me, ma’am, but when you are on the company payroll, “at the office”, you ARE NOT ENTITLED to do as you please. On your own time and dime, do and say what you wish.

  • mad as hell

    The team is your employer, it has rules of conduct and you must follow them or no longer be employed. It is not a 1st amendment thing because it does not apply in actions between private citizens. Personally I think that these unamerican kneelers should be flushed down the toilet like the pieces ot s— that they are.

  • JDW

    Is pro-ball so important to you? They work for you. You are paying the bill, so why support them? My TV or radio is never set to ‘indulge these morons’ nor do I waste my money buying their over-priced garbage. I use that money to support kids in the neighborhood. You know, like equipment, a place to play. That might even help keep a kid from becoming a pro-ball criminal.

    • Danny S.

      It’s ironic that these black players demand the right to protest unjust treatment of blacks by the police.
      So they then use the Anthem like toilet paper which honors all who served and died so these same players can have the opportunity to be compensation big time for playing a game. Protest can be a good thing but like everything else in life the feeling of others should be considered before carrying out ones actions. Manners count!
      I guess I could stop freeway traffic to protest something if I feel like it keeping innocent people from getting to their destinations and it’s just to bad for people trying to go about their business. Again no manners or respect for anyone except what you believe.

      • JDW

        They respect no one not even themselves. To be this disrespectful of our anthem and our flag is not ignorance, but shows a low level of intelligence. Ignorance can be corrected. I think you are looking for civility, that thing you do when there is a difference in thought. These jocks only think about what is it in for me and to hell with everyone else. I may never watch another pro-ball game and definitely not purchase their over-priced garbage.

        • Danny S.

          You make a good point I do believe if we are going to pull together it will start with RESPECT AND CIVILITY which disappeared during the last 8 years . Agreement on political ideas will never happen all the time in our system of government that is why we have elections to settle our differences.

          • JDW

            No, this is about pride and respect for your country and those who have served whether it be in the military or police or a teacher. Each of us made this nation great. Sports has been and always will unify people. There are rules to each game that each side respects. There is no rule that one must stand and respect our anthem or flag, it is something that goes deeper. Each of us have their thought as to what. Respect and civility. You must have respect for yourself before you can respect others or your country. Civility is when you have this respect, you are able to show that respect to others with consideration even if you disagree. We, the American people have been disrespected! It is as simple as that, so why would I support them in their endeavors. I will spend my money on the neighborhood kids. I know they will appreciate that much more that these greedy ball players who respect no one.

  • 1josephg1

    Does this really surprise anyone

  • Michael whitman

    Its so easy for an idiot to say something like this when they had to face bullets of an enemy who hates Americans. I have had the privilege and honor of serving to protect this country which to me is all Americans. So these overpaid babies can play a childhood game. When my brothers and sisters are getting killed protecting our great nation. So they can play their little game for a couple of hours. The civil war ended well over a hundred years ago. Stop living in the past snowflakes and start working for what you get.

  • Dennis B Anderson

    Got to be related to that buck tooth black slime Jaun. There will be 4 other people on the 5 that gleen the same information from a situation,but Jaun.

    • mike

      Thank god you are not a bigot!

      • Dennis B Anderson

        Im not and I dont like people who use there color either. Jaun is full of shit. Ever hear of Ebony & Ivory.

  • Clifton Worth


  • PPTA

    I quit watching all NFL games and following their news.

  • Fred Reinhard

    Ms. Ebony and several others on FOX News is the reason I’m using OAN & Newsmax for most of my news. With the departure of Bill O’Reilly, Eric Bolling & Greta Van Sustern FOX has been pushing a more Liberal News.
    They also constantly have Left Wing Loons which I don’t want to hear from. If you want to hear Left Wing dribble then watch the MSMs & the Radical Cable Networks.
    It is a shame that the Football Players are being used as Political Pawns. Stand for the Anthem or join the Canadian Football League.

  • Mike Shepard

    Since when can an employer not tell employees what they can do or can’t do in the workplace
    Team owners are the employers, players are the employees and the football field is the workplace.

  • mike

    Eboni can you tell me, after 1-2 years on kneeling what changes have occurred? None that I see, maybe you can indicate if any! The football league is a business, like every other, to make money for it’s investors! Kneeling has hurt the business’s as the clients in high percentage feel that they go or watch a game to enjoy their time without mentally disturbing interference that politics bring! They are paying and by the numbers indicate that they don’t want it! The players, who are paid extraordinary salaries are interfering with the wish of the owners, period.Please tell us what have players and others done personally to move the ball as it pertains to their goal! What is the amount of money contributed by these rich players, who are collecting their salaries but don’t care about those that pay them, another words they are using the owners for their personal goals! That doesn’t sound like a sacrifice to me but rather an abuse of your employer and the end customer! What other personal efforts to organise their troops to bring awareness of to the public of the plight of the group they are fighting for! What organization have they created to address actual deficiencies suffered by the group! How about soliciting the help of the millions of blacks that have escaped and have attained success and recognition in every field! Kneeling is only hurting their cause up to now, why not try something that at least won’t affect them negatively!

  • Michael Zimmerman

    So based upon what the comments are saying; everyone is entitled to free speech unless that free speech disagrees with their viewpoint. That isn’t what free speech is about. Also, those players aren’t protesting the flag and they’re not protesting the national anthem. What they are protesting is an obvious bias in how minorities are treated by police as opposed to whites. You may not like that. You may not believe that it is happening. However, that doesn’t change the fact that minorities have a different viewpoint as to how they are treated by the police. And from a statistical point; the minorities are right. And before you accuse me of being anti police, I have 3 relatives who are state troopers.

  • Steven D. Pike

    Work for yourself=make your own rules and stand or fall on your own. Work for someone else= follow the employer’s rules or be fired. Employ someone who drives away your customers= stupid.

  • Ddenney1

    I like Eboni Williams she is a libertarian and very smart! However the statistics do NOT show that Black Lies Matter has ANY LEG to stand on! The event that started this was tragic without a doubt. But to refresh a few memories Mikey Brown took cigars from a store that he did NOT pay for then attacked a cop INSIDE HIS PATROL car trying to steal his gun.Then her ran was told to stop then CHARGED the policeman who had to shoot AFTER HE WAS CHARGED!!! Do NOT forget Mikey was 6’5″ 350lbs and hands up don’t shoot was PROVE to be a LIE by the Grand Jury AND Holder’s/Oblammer’s DOJ!!!! The other thing is when an OFFICER with a BADGE and GUN tells you to STOP you STOP. IF there is a problem you GO TO COURT!! By the way way more unarmed WHITE FOLKS that are unarmed get killed than black people that is RESEARCH ABLE FACT on DOJ web sites!! Lastly ALL LIVES MATTER not JUST black ones that was when I lost all respect for this MADE UP PROBLEM they refused to accept that. Oh and Kap’s WIFE/GIRLFRIEND is one head of the BLM movement when HE WALKED OUT ON HIS CONTRACT! Eboni should try disobeying rules of her work place and see if she can do whatever SHE WANTS without getting fired!!!

  • mike

    Eboni, the players are paid a fortune to play and earn millions! There are rules everywhere that must be adhered to, motherwise you lose control, wherever you go or do! The actions of the players are offensive to a great no of viewers and attendees which has been affecting the bottom line! The phrase the customer is always right has not lasted for nothing! Without the customer you are dead! Look at my comments further down, these players, with the dough they are making, could very well find alternative occasions or places that could have even better results but it seems to me that the players are not willing to put their money where their mouth is! It’s easy when someone else is paying is it not! Unfortunately it can’t be like this anymore!

  • Bert

    If you support kneeling during the National Anthem, I will not support you. PERIOD!

  • J Bryan Jensen

    Is that Eboni or elbowrony? Whatever he is, we know he is a communist, so he can either suck it up (patriotism) or emigrate to a communist country where he will be happy.

  • Anne L Hilliard

    Eboni? She hasn’t been on Fox in months; maybe years. The militant negro…. aren’t they cute?

  • justanagent

    The solution is simple stand for the anthem or sit on the bench. I think the Cowboys have that policy. As for me, no more NFL. There are still some good role models out there. J..J. Watt comes to mind but generally speaking the NFL does not deserve our support. I will not even allow a game to be watched in my home.

  • willr3

    A majority of Americans do not approve of their national anthem and their country being dissed by brain dead players. We love the game, but keep politics out of it. As to some TV anchor, it matters little what she thinks since most would disagree with her point of view. Blacks have gotten a free ride since Johnson’s Great White Guilt Society. I don’t feel guilty about anything that happened 200 years ago, nor do most people. People can only progress when they look forward, and not rehashing the past which they can do nothing about. Turn your heads around and look to the future, and then you’ll proudly stand for your country.

  • Mar

    She’s entitled to her opinions and we are entitled to share ours with Fox by switching off whenever she begins to speak.

  • cathylovesyou

    I have seen Eboni Williams, a Fox Contributor who is a Democratic Black Woman, very smart, I think she maybe a lawyer. If White American Citizens would just look in the mirror, and think about what is going on in our country with the Democratic Party destroying America on purpose, Consider what will happen when we are Venezuela and they can’t do anything about the Communist take over, only maybe will they understand but only maybe as the dumbing down runs deep.

  • Danny S.

    I agree 100 percent when I see her talking about rights I turn the Tv channel and then go over to her house and shit on her front porch because I have a right! What better time to do it when everyone is watching her. I get it !!!!
    A couple years ago the courts decided that a anti war church couldn’t harass the dead military men and their families at funerals. Respect and common sense is missing here again with these Anthem protesters. It’s too bad that a court has to decide and make laws about common decency and manners.
    Do you think that at some point the loss of 50 percent of your fan base might be a wake up call that your doing something wrong ????
    It is obvious that the NFL is making to much money. When you can give a fat non
    Player the kind of money they just gave the president of the NFL THAT SEEMS LIKE WHAT THE PLAYERS SHOULD PROTEST but not during the Anthem.

  • Steve

    Williams follows an old but unfortunately true unspoken rule that blacks must all adhere to the same ideology or current narrative. Her argument to support kneeling is nonsensical. An employee at any other job would not be allowed to make such political displays and this is no different. It’s clear that she, as have a number of high profile liberal black athletes and celebrities, is convinced by an all too supportive radical media that race trumps any rules that the rest of us must follow.

  • Bob

    If the NFL, the owners and advertisers are willing to pay the consequences for players protesting during the National Anthem, go for it. But quit complaining about the consequences. I just don’t understand how anyone can think that disrespecting the flag and what it stands for is a proper way to bring attention to some other issue.

  • Tim Holt

    Seems like Fox is going towards CNN. America is as good as its been in years. Eveyone has the chance to be great. Kneeling during our one patriotic event during games is just downright disrespectul and ignorant to our past oresent and future.

  • Malcolm Davidson

    I don’t get all the fuss. Is it because supposedly all white cops are racist and want to shoot blacks? I tend to doubt that. Are there racist white cops? I am sure there are some, but they are not a huge %. Hey, there are a % of racists in every occupation, just like sociopaths, morons, and everything in between. This is just a fact, but I am quite certain most police forces are not filled with racists everywhere on down the line.
    Also, what about the fact that most black men in this country lose their lives to other black men, not white cops, or white people. How about doing something about that, instead of killing each other. Just a thought.

  • Ah nutz

    sounds more like a barnacle than an anchor.. scrape it off.

  • Raquel Salientes

    Right! So they protested on the field and where did it get them? Anger and boycott from fans, some of whom are die-hard fans. The NFL still has a long way to go before fans will return to football. When it really starts hurting them in lower salaries, only then will they realize the consequences of this disrespect for our flag.

  • Rex Stevenson

    Typical braindead twit with a room temperature I.Q.

  • Donnie Lowe

    He has not earned that right till he has served his country in a combat zone!

  • jimmy9522

    Stupid is stupid no matter where you find it.

  • Ron C

    Yeah well most folks could careless about the NFL…and their cry baby millionaires…I certainly have better things to do then watch that crap!

  • DJA Lindsey

    Eboni needs to get her head on straight. NFL players are there to do a JOB…….PLAY BALL. And they are PAID VERY WELL to DO THEIR JOB. They have a right to protest all they want OUTSIDE of the job site. We the fans are the ones that are being harmed by this. We don’t pay our hard earned money (which most of us don’t have near what they have) to watch them insult our flag and our military. Don’t care what they say the reason is…….they are still insulting what this country sacrificed for. Have any of the ones kneeling ever sacrificed for ALL the privileges they are taking advantage of in this country. The owners need to man up and enforce what needs to be enforced and stop cowering down to these bullies.