Fox Anchor Supports Anthem Kneeling

Fox News anchor Eboni Williams spoke about the National Anthem policy which forces NFL players to either stand on the field or stay in the locker room during the anthem. Williams questioned when it would be a better time to protest then in front of everyones eyes.

“What you cannot do in this country, to my knowledge, is tell free, grown folks what they will or will not do, particularly when, like [Jurrell] Casey, they are willing to pay the cost of disrupting that process,” Williams said. “And to the people that say, ‘Well, you can protest, but don’t do it during the anthem, don’t do it during the game.’ Well, when else is a better time to protest and bring awareness and change about your issue of concern than when you’ve got the eyeballs of millions of people across this country, and across this world when your helmets are off?”

“Those helmets are off, the cameras are panning, you’ve got the attention of the country and the world. That is, of course, when you are going to take that opportunity. Why? Because you have earned it. You have earned that platform, and you should use it to the best interest of your community.”