Former Mexican President: 9/11 Caused Trump’s Election

The former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, recently appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” claiming that President Trump and his “authoritarian” tendencies are only accepted by  Americans because of the constant fear and anger “since 9/11.”

Partial transcript as follows:

BRZEZINSKI: In his new book “Let’s Move on Beyond Fear and False Prophets” He writes about what concerns more about Trump is his message, ‘All false prophets create a heightened sense of looming danger that allows them to consolidate power to a tragic end. Historically the reaction of the panicked people is to retreat to their respective tribes and there you see the rise of protectionism, nationalism, populism, xenophobia, racism, misogyny and homophobia with the reactions of increased hate speech and violence towards anything foreign. Today Trump is the West’s most powerful false prophet.’ I think that’s really well put. You saw it with the carnage speech, the way he’s laid out his presidency is to make everything seem a lot worse than it is and that he is somehow the savior. And now even makes very misleading false statements about the state of our economy or the state of our country, again, to prop himself up. Is that part of being a false prophet?

FOX: It is. It is. It’s based on fear.


FOX: When you have fear then you react in favor of the authoritarian. I’m sorry for my voice.

BRZEZINSKI: No problem. We can hear you.

FOX: And that’s the case with Trump.


FOX: I think this nation, I sense it has fear since September 11, and it tries to see enemies everywhere, even Mexico, with your neighbor. So that’s something that Trump is abusing of, taking advantage of.