Former National Security Adviser Wishes Death On Republicans

Deputy National Security Adviser for now retired President Obama, Ben Rhodes stated on twitter that he was looking forward to seeing some very big republicans in the obituary after a photo surfaced of them holding their thumbs up.

“I hope this is the photo they use on the front page of the Times on the day Trump is indicted,” said a former Obama adviser.

“And alongside the obits for Ryan, McConnell, and Pence,” Rhodes added.

This caused severe backlash on the internet.

  • Jacks are Wild

    Democrats are simply a party of hate. They have no message, only criticize others & lack intelligent leadership.

  • rogerhickssryahoocom

    they also lack intelligent followership. they dont even fight for a bill if they like it or not. I guess they think we pay them to set on their ass and grumble. we could put a real ass in there and he could do that and all we’d have to give him is hay.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    What if his is the obituary that comes first?
    Guess what Rhodester, don’t count on Trump being indicted!
    His picture looks like someone who was a reject from the movie

  • Rodney

    Bennie isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. Odds are, if he continues with his hate, he may well be in an orange jumpsuit before any republican and more likely to die from the stress and hate he harbors.

    • John T Koszalka

      I want this guy to know that WE THE DEPLORABLE ONES are coming for him, and we want to see Rhodes in a public hearing under oath in front of Trey Gowdy. This is truly one of the cesspool creatures who lurk in the deep state of the swamp. The best description for this creature—- ‘A WORM AND NO MAN. God Bless America.

      • Rodney

        Trey Gowdy would eat him up and spit out the bones. Dollars to donuts, if one looks far enough down that “Deep State” rabbit hole, they would find Rhodes involved in the whole Russiagate thing. Eight years of Obammy, I bet we could find enough crime to put a bunch of them away for treason.

        • John T Koszalka

          Rodney we are on the same page with this guy who is over his head in the cesspool. He is a bottom dweller, whose brother David is a big shot at CBS. This is a so-called elitist IYI who continued to have that smart ass smug look on his face when speaking on behalf of the LIAR IN CHIEF OBAMA. That entire administration should go down for what they did to OUR COUNTRY. THE DEPLORABLE ONES will not let up until all of them are under oath in a public hearing. God Bless America.

          • Rodney

            Hear Hear!

          • budman

            John: They are screaming mad because Trump won and upset their plans to push the New World Order in concert with the United Nations. George Soros, the point man took a big hit with the election results and now it is an all out assault by the Deep State in an attempt to regain control. It will not work because his experiment in Europe with the European Economic Union is now experiencing serious issues primarily because of the their forcing migrants from Syria and other areas on the members of the Union. They should have listened to Trump who told them what would happen and expect these countries to begin deportation if they want to survive. Yes, they need to begin with the firing of holdovers from the Obama Administration and bring both Soros and Obama to justice, Why? I believe that Obama was born in Kenya as he stated in a video titled “Not Natural Born – Truth Matters” where he said he was not born in Hawaii but in Kenya. He was registered in college as a Foreign Exchange Student and never provided proof of U.S. Citizenship as what they produced was phony by forensic examination. His Social Security Number belonged to a deceased person and his draft registration was also phony. The question is why wasn’t all this known information acted on.

          • John T Koszalka

            Budman I agree 1000%. I step back, and say to my DEPLORABLE SELF “you know John the President has all the ammunition to really put these creatures away.” I believe he’s just waiting for the right moment to lower the boom, Possibly waiting for the Inspector General’s report due out January 15th. Happy New Year. God Bless President Trump, God Bless America.

  • Timothy Toroian

    Let me know in which paper your obit will appear and I’ll get a subscription.

    • Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve

      Look outside your door and greet your paper boy, the one with a sharp bayonet

  • Jeannie

    Hate is said to breed cancer bennie BOY!!! hope it gets you and we despicable, deplorable s can read your obit REAL SOON….

  • Jackson Brannon

    Just another Odummy Mooslime loving Demonrat Rapist POS!!! I bet He and Rosie O Fat ass are very intimate!!

  • Charles McNulty

    I got something for Bennie and it comes in multiple calibers. What a sack of sh-t. I hope he reads these comments, cause if I did, I would be scared to go out in public

  • Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve

    The mere fact that Ben Rhodes was a Deputy National Security Advisor for Obama speaks for itself.
    Nothing that a cell in the Federal lock up won’t cure. Can you imagine the National Security being flooded with these baboon zealots?? scary isn’t it!!

  • Deert

    Democrats are so classy.

    • LINDA R.

      Yeah and they eat enough dog food to prove it…pathetic, yet dangerous…

  • LINDA R.

    No wonder our National Security was so severely diminished with Ben Rhodes and the total incompetence of Obama and his Administration working against all that was decent and secure for American Citizens…
    The hateful and massive degree of sheer stupidity continues to surface in every section of our Federal Govt. I hope Trump can continue to heal 8 years of Obama damage.

  • Gary Johnson

    this fn aholes sounds like some thing you want to flush

  • Anne Latella

    No matter what they wish for. The Democratic Party is no deceased. they need to find a new party, but who would want them except for paid for by Soros ignorant, illiterate fools.

  • A_patriot

    Well, what a sick person he is. If any of us made a similar suggestion about his side of the aisle …

  • Peggy Cantley

    this is 1 deranged fool you can see the obama hate rubbed off on him!

  • Tamanique Griffin

    I wholeheartedly wish the same on ALL so called Democrats as we discover more and more how CRIMINAL they ALL are…..

  • johnnywoods

    Ben who?

  • randolph.poole

    Rhodes is a disgusting little sissy-boy prick whose only claim to fame is that his head was farthest up Obama’s ass among the Queslings surrounding our illustrious C&C. Oh, and he was also instrumental in drafting the agreement that sold America out with the Iranian nuclear debacle!

  • AC1USNRetired

    You advocate it, YOU CARRY IT OUT

  • stretchman

    Too bad for Nazi 2.0. Hillary, Barry Soetero, and their e-mail server? Where was Natl. Security dude then? Probably searching on the net like the rest of the bozos for ways to destroy evidence in a fed case.

  • gene smiith

    What an ASS…and not a very wise one either

  • Luis Monge

    Sore looser Democrats; can’t forget we are a Democratic Society,not Democrat.