FGM Spreads Across United States

The plague of female genital mutilation is sweeping the country.

The FBI’s investigation began in Michigan, where a group of girls was mutilated by a local Detori-area doctor.

The victims were told they were being taken for a fun “girls trip.”

Little they know, they were on their way to being mutilated in the name of Islam.

Sadly now, the probe into the vicious act is spreading to New York, Illinois, and California.

From Town Hall

The FBI’s investigation into genital mutilation of girls, some as young as six-years-old, has expanded beyond the original case in Michigan where two doctors were arrested and indicted in April. Girls from Minnesota were taken to Michigan for “treatment” by their parents. A refresher on some of the details:

The Department of Justice indicted and arrested Detroit emergency room doctor Jumana Nagarwala on multiple charges Thursday, alleging she performed a number of illegal female genital mutilations (FGM) from 2005 and 2017. Her victims are minor girls, some as young as six years old.

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source: http://truthfeed.com/female-genital-mutilation-epidemic-spreads-across-united-states/94595/

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