Fat Feminists Are NOT Going To Like This Study

Fat and proud feminists have been trying to convince themselves that being obese is perfectly fine, and that doctors imploring them to drop a few pounds for health reasons, for instance, are evil fat-shamers perpetuating the so-called fat stigma.

But this is all insane, of course. And a new study reported on by CNN (seemingly taking a break from their Antifa-friendly fake news) is a here to kill their buzz, or, more accurately, their sugar high.

“The idea that you can be overweight or obese yet healthy — if factors such as your blood sugar, blood pressure or cholesterol levels are normal — is a myth, according to a new study, and messaging around this should be changed,” reports the network. “Carrying those extra pounds can increase risk of coronary heart disease by up to 28% even if your other results appear normal, further disproving the notion that people can be ‘fat but fit.'”

An epidemiologist from Imperial College London’s School of Public Health, Camille Lassale, was one of the lead researchers of the study. “We conclude that there is no such thing as being healthy obese,” she stated. “You are at an increased risk of heart disease.”

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source: http://www.dailywire.com/news/20074/fat-feminists-are-not-going-study-amanda-prestigiacomo

  • Old Salt

    Ugly can be an attitude, it can be appearance or really fat or a combination of the three and what people do and what they look like when they do it, is their own business. It’s when they start getting in my face, trying to make it my business too…is when I say, “Get out of my face, you fat ugly bastard!”

  • Gen11American

    Since our previously controllable populous is being rapidly replaced with Third World Socialist peasants guaranteed to turn the US into a Socialist hellhole, or else Muslims may breed themselves into ascendancy on the public dole and transform US into an Islamic Caliphate under Shariah Law, WHO THE HELL CARES ABOUT THEIR WEIGHT, OR IF THEIR EXCESS WEIGHT IS GOING TO SHORTEN THEIR LIFE?! UNLESS DRASTIC STEPS ARE TAKEN BY TRUMP, THE US WON’T BE LIVABLE BY THE YEAR 2024!

  • homegirl

    Just a guess but #45 is at least 75 lbs.overweight. Can we call him obese?