Facebook’s Newest Policy Will Outrage Gun Owners

It was only a few months ago that Facebook instituted a new policy whereby they prohibited people from selling guns privately on the privately owned social media site.

Their prerogative really, they’re a privately owned company.

However, the decision was definitely met with quite a bit of backlash as people said this violated their constitutional rights.

Even though it doesn’t, the fact remains facebooks stance on guns is gravely concerning. Especially given how much influence they wield politically.

A new development on the social media site will certainly anger gun owners.

Facebook is now asking members to tattle on people who sell guns on their (even when legal).

The do-gooders at Brave New Films put together a quick online video showing some basic tactics for combing Facebook for pew-pew items and reporting them thusly.

“Early this year, Facebook banned gun sales on their site but there are loopholes that allow gun sales to take place,” reads the post preceding the video. “Today we are going to show you how to report Facebook Gun Sales and save lives!”

They even advocate saving a screenshot of the reported post message confirmation “as your trophy.”

In case you didn’t know, Brave New Films is behind the (possibly anti-gun) film Making a Killing: Guns, Greed and the NRA.

This is one step closer to a nation without guns.

All it takes is enough people to turn against guns and then gun owners all over the nation are going to realize they are in the minority.

Soon it won’t be uncommon to have people reporting you to the officials just because you have a scary looking gun.

Can you imagine getting in trouble for exercising your second amendment rights?

It’s happening all the time, and videos like the one you saw above prove just how slippery the slope we stand on truly is.