Establishment Goes ‘Scorched Earth’

The White House and GOP elites are adopting a “scorched earth” policy with regards to the Alabama Senate race, unleashing one last wave of big money attacks at conservative opponent Roy Moore as part of the death rattle of Sen. Luther Strange’s failing establishment campaign.

Politico reports that the White House and allies of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) have launched “the full weight of the party machinery” to stop Moore after a big endorsement from President Trump — who appeared at a campaign rally in Huntsville Friday — appears not to have tightened the race enough to overcome the yawning deficit between the two candidates.

Polls taken before Trump’s rally showed Moore around 8-10 points ahead in the race before voters go to the polls on Tuesday to pick the Republican candidate for the Senate election in December. Politico reports GOP elites as apprehensive about the race and are pushing the panic button.

“With Strange on the ropes and time running out, the party has launched a coordinated, scorched-earth campaign to take down Moore,” the outlet reports, adding that “the sheer breadth of the anti-Moore campaign has stunned Alabama’s political class.”

That campaign includes a barrage of TV-ads, a massive get-out-of-the-vote effort, and a hoard of oppo research for Strange’s debate prep. Such prep was not immediately clear in the debate Thursday, when a nervous Strange made constant, exhausted references to President Trump and accused Moore of attacking him instead of debating the issues.

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