If This New Program Works, Then Drug-Abusing Welfare Parasites Will Be a Thing of the Past

The United States was never brought into existence to become a large nanny state that doled out handouts in exchange for votes.

But ever since FDR’s questionable government assistance policies were created, millions of people have looked to the government for a helping hand.

The welfare system has created a huge drain on hard working Americans, who while willing to help those down on their luck, have been forced into supporting deadbeats who use illegal drugs while getting freebies from Uncle Sam.

According to Mad World News:

Drug abusing welfare parasites may be a thing of the past if a new trial program proves to be effective. According to reports, a passed bill is sitting on the desk of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, set to enact a suspicion based drug testing program for welfare recipients.

The program is a test run of sorts to be conducted for one year in three Michigan counties. In essence, anyone suspected of drug use would be mandated to a drug test. If they fail, they would be disqualified from receiving welfare.

Those who decline the test will not be allowed to receive welfare for at least the next six months. It isn’t all bad for those found to have drugs in their system. First time offenders will be offered treatment. Furthermore, they can start receiving welfare later down the road so long as they test clean of any drugs.

There is no word on whether multiple time offenders will be offered another chance.

The bill passed via a 26-10 vote with heavy Republican backing before making its way to the Governor’s desk.

For many Americans, the might think the ability to remain on welfare if caught using drugs is still too lenient.

They do have a point.

But legislation like this isn’t about changing the system all at once.

Instead it introduces precedent so other states might be able to follow in their footsteps and reform the welfare system.

No red blooded American would wish ill will on another person who has found themselves on the short end of a bad deal. But what has taxpayers frustrated is the ballooning costs of welfare, as well as the inability to regulate who receives federal assistance.

There is a good reason for regulations likes this to exist.

As Senator Rick Jones explains, “We have children that are starving in this state because moms, dads or both are on methamphetamines or cocaine or some other horrible substance, and they sell their bridge cards instead of feeding their children.”

Liberals have complained these policies single out the poor and the minorities. Looking at the program at face value it most certainly does not, it singles out people with drug habits.

You can’t get into a good college without good grades, and you don’t get paid at work unless you show up and do your job. This program is nothing more than a quid pro quo arrangement for federal assistance.

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