Does Trump Really Care Who Wins the House and Senate?

Former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele believes that President Trump could care less of who controls the House or Senate. Additionally he claims Trump is using the Republican Party as a “convenience” to win in 2020.

“[Trump’s] largely agnostic as to who controls the House and, quite frankly, the Senate. Although, the Senate is beneficial for Supreme Court nominees,” said Steele. “The president doesn’t really give a damn about this legislative process.”

“The better foil for him, coming out of 2018, is to spend the next 18 months haranguing against Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), or whomever is the speaker of the House under Democratic control, and making — setting them up as the narrative for his re-election. And so, it’s not so much about oh, the party. Remember, Donald Trump is not a Republican. We keep acting like Donald Trump has been a stalwart of the Republican Party since time immemorial. No, this was a political convenience for him. He’s going to use the party as a political convenience for this election cycle to set up his re-elect.”

  • Ron C

    Such non-sense coming out of Steele’s pie hole…Trump wants real republicans in congress, certainly not the people that call their selves republican, and turn around and take their marching orders from the socialist democrat leaders…
    And their isn’t one democrat that represents their constituent’s they all do what Chuck & Nancy tell them to do..
    But then that is to be expected, socialist’s don’t do representative government…right?

  • bobwhite1935

    Seems like Michael Steele is an no Trump RINO & hates to see MAGA & can’t stand for Trump Making America Great Again by his policies better for the citizens.

    • Kanawah

      Trump is not making America great again.
      He is destroying it.
      The only way to “make America great again is to impeach Trump.

      • Edward Conley

        Hey Kwanza…wake up and smell the coffee.Turn off CNN and actually know what you are whining about.

      • bobwhite1935

        How to MAGA is like we did, voted out commie crooked Hillary Clinton & her phony pee pee dossier. Personally if I had the cash & opportunity I would hire prostitutes to pee & poop in the bed that Barack & Michelle Obama slept in, in Russia & the USA White House & have the bed taken out on the WH lawn & burned,

  • thistlebud

    And, now tell us what you really think? I wonder what you have in mind making such a negative statement? Spoken like a true Swamp creature. Like, the good guys have not had enough from the RINOS and the snowflakes!

  • Jim Strong

    Steele just another dumb ass RINO and commie.

  • Bud William

    Hey, Mike, take a Hike. Trump has already done more for your people than the Kenyan did. All he managed to do is divide us.

  • Robert RM Bagwell

    Michael Steele should change his name. Michael means “who is like God”, clearly he is not. I consider him an opportunist and a sad excuse that should never have been anything in the “Republican” party. It is time that the Republicans who are true to establish a secondary division for historic Republican Constitutionalists and edge our the opportunists who would sell the rest of us out for a moment of fame.

  • antimarxist

    this from the guy who screwed things up when he was heading the rnc as I remember. Just another pos rino. given the lack of support from the so-called republican congress, Trump has every right to not “give a damn” about the so-called legislative process which is more about how these weasels maintain their worthless careers as opposed to doing what the constitution limits them to! as well as what we elected them and Trump to do.

  • TheEngineer73

    Where is the editor or proof reader “Choise” that isn’t in my dictionary. Who writes this stuff anyway?

    • TheEngineer73

      BTW Steele isn’t worthy of a comment here.

  • GayEGO

    Trump only cares about himself as he verifies that with his tweets and nasty remarks!

    • Edward Conley

      Really? ha ha..whine on hater.He did more for this country his first 100 days than Oblowhard did in 8 years.

      • GayEGO

        Really? I am waiting for Trump to actually do something instead of his talk about nicey nice meetings where nothing was accomplished. I did the research, you need to because you sound like Trump, our Liar-Cheater in Chief! Bwahahahahahahahahaha

        • Edward Conley
          • GayEGO

            You can believe the townhall Fake News if you like, but it is more like Faux News.

        • Carol

          such liars…..research on what?…..did you get a tax cut, have jobs come back on American soil?…..did the punishment healthcare tax go away?…….has the stock market gone up?…….have remain been returned from N Korea?……..have we gone back to being a Christian country?………has he had the UN start paying up what they owe?…..has he put sanctions on countries that want to harm us?…….he enforces our laws, backs our first responders and has brought unemployment down to its lowest in decades, the economy is booming, we have more money going into our treasury, vets can get medical help where they choose, MS13 is being caught and jailed and/or deported, ISIS is the smallest ever, new businesses are opening, steel mills are on the rise, regulations have been eliminated, people will,be learning traits rather than only having college available at high costs, hiring conservative judges, building the wall, deporting illegals saved the country money on the embassy in Israel, on military planes, on the Paris Agreement and paid down the deficit by 52 billion dollars, etc………SO YOU better do some real research and stop the lies and corruption!

          • GayEGO

            My taxes went up as well as other costs and I knew they would because we have experienced this before. Only brainwashed Trumpsters believe the Fake News you have commented about. You must be a Trumpster who has been brainwashed so there is no point continuing this conversation. Buh Bye!

    • Edward Conley
  • Edward Conley

    If I remember right, the RNC was quaking in their boots because they were afraid Trump would run as an independent and they erroneously coerced him in to running as a Republican, then have done nothing but stab him in the back.

  • Nancy Adams Brubaker

    Why don’t you go find a friend who will teach you about decency, kindness and how to tell the truth,,,.you seriously need help!