Does Trump Have The NFL In His Grip?

Stephen A. Smith reacted to President Donald Trump’s cancelling of the Philadelphia Eagles White House visit saying the president “has the NFL in the palm of his hands.”

“Donald Trump has the NFL in the palm of his hands,” Smith proclaimed. “He can do whatever he wants to them right now because of the positions they have taken or the positions they refuse to take, preceding the whole Colin Kaepernick thing. The fact that he has a constituency … the man got over 62 million votes. You got a lot of folks out there who are patrons of the NFL product. As a matter of fact, some of the NFL owners are his friends. And make no mistake about it, the patrons that they cater to, a lot of them were Trump voters. He knows it. He took the position that he took.”

“[W]hat it comes down to is that the power of influence matters. He has it, particularly over them, because he knows what they tried to do. He knows what he wants to do. More importantly, he knows how to do it better than them, and he’s got them by the you know what, because they folded to him.”