Disturbing Video Out of San Diego Prompts Terror Concerns

Early on a Monday morning a group of 20 men rode a boat onto U.S. shores and quickly disembarked and made landfall, entering into the country without any documentation and with very little problem.

Even more concerning than the simple fact that illegals made easy landfall was how the entire entry seemed to be orchestrated in a very precise and militaristic fashion.

A surveillance camera, as well as the watchful eye of a beach-goer, managed to document their arrival. When the men arrived on the beach they climbed a beach wall, and headed directly into the city where it looks like they were met with an accomplice who provided them with a change of clothes so they might better blend in.

Then, only one day later, it happened again.

On Tuesday at 1 am, a second attempt was made by a group of illegals to enter the country via panga boat, but U.S. Customs and Borders agents were waiting for them. There were another 20 people on that boat, 13 men and seven women. Two were from Guatemala, one from El Salvador, and the rest were Mexican Nationals.

Lt. Col. Allen West believes that what was observed in San Diego isn’t just another attempt by illegals to enter the country. He speculates the incidents might actually be practice runs for a terror plot.

Both ISIS and Al-Qaeda have made threats declaring intentions to harm the U.S. with future attacks, and as West observed:

When I was commander serving in combat, I always looked for indicators, warnings and trends, and one of the things I always wanted our unit leaders and soldiers to pay attention to was enemy dry runs.

Why should anyone care about this report? First of all, there are some 10 male illegal aliens who successfully escaped into San Diego. Second, as reported in the video report, it seems that there was a link up coordinated with logistical support in the way of a change of clothes.

However, here is my concern. How many of you remember the Mumbai terrorist attack of 2008? It lasted from November 26-29 and was a well coordinated 12-point assault against multiple targets resulting in the deaths of 154 and some 308 wounded.

The attack was executed by the Islamic terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba with a group of Islamic jihadists who received intense commando style training. And just how did those ten attackers infiltrate into Mumbai? They did it by inflatable speedboats. The one assailant who was captured detailed their waterborne training and preparations.

What’s the difference between an inflatable speedboat and a panga boat? Not very much. Could it be that the illegal immigration infiltration operation from this week was a dry run for something bigger?

Neither Republicans nor Democrats have worked as hard as they should have to secure the border.

The border crisis isn’t just an issue of state sovereignty, but of national security. Taxpayer money has been spent on unconstitutional programs like subsidies and the Affordable Health Care Act, but the border has been left wide open for anyone to waltz across.

It’s tragic, and now it’s become a very serious issue.

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