Disturbing, Syrian Refugees Just Caught With These

Shortly after the attacks in Paris Obama took the time to reassure the American people that ISIS was under control. He said everything they were doing in Iraq and Syria was effective and would limit ISIS from inflicting damage in the U.S.

That was untrue and we learned that a few weeks later when an attack in San Bernardino by ISIS sympathizing radicals left 14 dead.

The other thing Obama did was put forth a plan to allow a massive “importation” of Syrian refugees who are in the midst of a crisis that in large part is his fault.

He maintains bringing them to the country will not endanger the U.S. at all.

Well take a look at this.

France 24 reported:

Swiss authorities said Saturday that two people of Syrian origin had been arrested on suspicion of transporting “explosives and toxic gases” as part of a probe into a terror threat.

The two suspects arrested Friday are accused of the “manufacture, concealment and transport of explosives and toxic gases”, the federal prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

They are also under suspicion of violating Swiss law prohibiting “groups like Al-Qaeda, Islamic State and similar organisations”, it added.

Several Swiss media reported Friday that two people had been arrested in the Geneva region and that traces of explosives were found in their car, as the western city remained on alert due to an increased jihadist threat.

Geneva’s public prosecutor has announced a news conference for later Saturday.

This is incredibly scary.

ISIS has already confirmed if we bring in immigrants they are going to their absolute best to infiltrate any group of immigrants so they can wage a war against us.

With stories like this you can see they are dead serious about following through on their promises.

Do you think we should keep Muslims out of the country right now?

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