Democrat Says Trump Has No Credibility

Representative Adam Smith (D-WA) recently made a offensive comment saying “the credibility of the presidency has never been at a lower point.”

Smith stated, “Well, that’s the thing that really stands out, is the fundamental dishonesty of the president of the United States. And that goes to everything. I mean, that goes to the credibility of our country. We are in the middle of some very, very complicated issues, both national — both in the country and internationally. … And who in the world right now can trust anything that the president says? I mean, he lies every other day. And the thing is, you know he lies because he is contradicting himself. It’s not a matter of him saying something that we then have to prove is untrue. He said the exact opposite thing a mere matter of, sometimes, hours or days before. So, I think the credibility of the presidency has never been at a lower point. And that undermines everything we’re trying to accomplish as a country.”

  • Stephen Howe

    Hey, Demwit! Obama has no credibility. HRC has no credibility. Comey has no credibility. Mueller, McCabe, Lynch, Holder, McMasters, Rice, Brennan, McCabe…ALL have ZERO credibility. Does Trump lie? Don’y ALL politicians? But AT LEAST HE DOESN’T HATE America & (white) Americans, like Ex-“President” Halfbreed, the muslime, did & does.

    • wayne

      He has 1000% more credibility than any democrat does.

    • jim

      I could not have said it better

      • The Redman

        Yep, jim crow.

    • The Redman

      98% of the hater white-folks in america have no “credibility”.

  • rottenrollin

    Whereas the Muslims can trust us Dimmercrats to keep the shtty agreements we make, cause we support Iran getting the bomb in the 2020s.

    • The Redman

      U should thank yo old boy trump 4 dat, huh. hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Frank W Brown

    You can take YUR credibility and stick it way up where the sun never shines IDIOT!

  • Jaron Gant Joyner

    OBama-Is the Problem-Doesn’t know how to make “Deals”-Wasn’t a Good Deal-So Our President Trump-Got out of it.Iran-Has never been our Friend-They Scream-They Hate-Americans-So WHY?-Did OBama-Give them-Money-Because They’re Muslims/Islam-Wasn’t because they’re our Friends-Never have been.OBama and Hillary-Always-Apologizeing-For America—How Dare you-We the people are proud of our Country-But Not YOU!!!!!

    • The Redman

      trump-ah-hump all U stupid white followers. hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Michael H

    Nancy Pelosi and the rest all lie constantly as well. Their politicians just like you.

    • jim

      Piglosi is far gone its unreal, this woman needs to commited to the nut house

      • The Redman

        Like yo inbred mama did, huh, jim-bo-crow. hahahahahahahahahaha

  • Concerned

    Representative Adam Smith and the Democratic Party are the team that has NO credibility. Their policies were for the benefit of the few elite at the top and NOT for the American people or for making America Great Again. Trump’s Korean peace initiative may be the most important in the last 70 years, withdrawal from the $T Paris Accord was huge for America, and the recent withdrawal from the Iranian deal was extremely important for peace in the Middle East.
    Trump has more credibility than any other president in the modern era. He has stuck with nearly all of his policies that were clearly stated during his run for the presidency.
    Trump has implemented or tried to implement all of the policies that he said he would during his run for the presidency. He has implemented over 65% of his major policy decisions and only those that have been blocked by Congress have not been implemented including the border wall. Congress (thanks to Schumer) still has delayed significant Trump nominees for various positions in the government that appear to take over 2 years!
    Similarly, there are many judicial appointments that remain unfilled due to the actions of the Democrats. In addition, the Dems forced an extra $200B of spending in the omnibus spending authorization. Where does this place the Democratic party and the credibility scale?

    • Tony

      Could all that money grabbing ways those Democrats along with their liberal friends that been taking and using our tax money like it is theirs for the taking, and feel like it belongs to them ,And maybe those Democrats feel it is theirs,Why is because it was the Democrats who put the Tax on we the working people over 75 ago ,and why those Democrats of today with all that tax money that think it belongs to those liberals and the Democratic people in all branches of the government,”And if one was to ask for Adam Smith’s credibility for what he has done for we the people in our country, he would most likely get a -100% for doing nothing for we the people in our country ,that includes all those like his kind in politics in the white house alone.

  • David Donaldson

    Smith is a liberal idiot the likes of whom are responsible for the mess this nation has been in since 2008. He should be summarily thrown from office along with all of his Democrat colleagues.

  • David Donaldson

    The greater the accomplishments of the Trump administration, the more liberal fools like Smith bat their gums to criticize along with their cohorts in the MSM. ALL should be thrown from office in the next election to allow this once great nation to flourish again.

    • Angelika G

      Got that RIGHT….!!!

    • The Redman

      U’re a trump-ah-hump ya idiot. hhahahahahahahahahaha. dumb-duh-don-don

      • Paul Whitley

        You remind me of a quote from the “Plan of The Day” at Naval Air Station Memphis in 1964. – It read “Nobody is as ignorant as he who knows nothing, yet knows not that he knows…….nothing”. Sorry I cannot give proper credit for the quote, but is has been more than 54 years since it appeared in the P.O.D.

        • The Redman

          “you remind me of” jes how “ignorant” U pinkies R, and how deep yall live in denial of ya bigotry. U demons in pink skin ruined america. inbred-pauline. hahahahahahahahahaahhaha

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Demorats have far more lies, scandals, and murders than Republicans.
    The only thing going for them is that the MSM that covers for them.
    While they continue the witch hunt , no one brings out the fact that Hillary
    laundered 84 million dollars. Crickets!!!! Not even a yawn about it. Can you
    imagine? Obama sent pallets of all kinds of currency to Iran to build weapons.
    Crickets there too!! Yep, hypocrites all on the left!!! Treason/sedition going on
    behind President Trump’s back with the Demonrats and world leaders. Still
    crickets about it!!! How long can the corruptions go on unchecked?

    • The Redman

      white-folks. hahahahahahahahahahaa

  • Kirk Kahler

    i find this so funny since he is in the corrupt party of liars, pimps of fake news and race baiters !! trump has done more in less than two years than Obama and the rest of the democrats did in eight ! as it stands right now you can not trust democrats to do any thing to help America of American’s to do better but you can count on them to protect illegals and use American tax moneys to give the illegals free schooling, free legal help, welfare, housing, food stamps and free medical ! all I see is the democrats, MSM, the Mueller witch hunt and crap like this is a way to stall till the 2018 midterm so they can try to regain power ! the left will raise out taxes, open our boarders to any one, replace us with there new voter base the illegals, take a way our guns,finish there war on life, history, police, the military, white men, free speech and faith ! democrats at this point want to kill the American dream turn all American’s in to sheep and slaves dependent on them for every thing ! the left is fighting every day to keep all of there lies, miss deeds and corruption hidden from us that is why they are saying crap like this ! pushing the witch hunt ! trying to sell all of this fake news !

    • The Redman

      trump-ah-hump U. hahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Peter Smith

    Except under Obama, Clinton, Carter, Johnson, Kennedy, etc.

    • The Redman


  • Everett

    When it comes to credibility our President has more in his little finger than the whole of the Democrat party, this idiot was only after a few seconds of fame with this asinine statement, but they lie so much they cannot keep up with them! Sadly can anyone point out anything these fools have accomplished since the election? Nothing, nada only constantly trying to impeach the president that has accomplished more in one year than their fool did in eight years!

  • Raymond Levy

    The Democratic party has no credibility at all , and all of the F.B.I. documents prove that vary thing , it proves that the democratic party is corrupted to its core and also that they are liars and colluded against the President and his picks for his cabinet , and it also prove that they the left wingers and liberals and progressives all hate America and the American way of life…….

    • The Redman

      Yep, U white-folks have really made a mess of the u.s.–hahahahahahahahahaha

  • R Parten

    Just because the left doesn’t like what Trump has to say , doesn’t make it a lie! The so called democrats have a huge problem with their own credibility so don’t throw stones till you clean out your own house!

  • Richard Oswald


  • Angelika G

    Well then if he “lies” every “other” day than he is a LOT BETTER then Hussein Obama who LIED NON-stop, EVERY, single day or day in and day out, AND Hillary and all of their other CRONIES including THIS one……!!!!

  • Angelika G

    WHAT really pis8ses me off about you IDIOT libturds is that you just CAN’T find your SLOGANS, like we “DEPLORABLES” have called Hussein OBOMBO “LIAR in CHIEF”, all you all can do is COPY, COPY, COPY us “Deplorables”……!!!! CAN’T stand the TRUTH, he….????

    • Ursus_Indomitus


    • The Redman

      Here, long-mouth inbred. “trump-ah-hump america”. hhahahahahahahahahaha

  • Terry Slemons


  • antimarxist

    Remember, democrats are actually nothing more than marxists who don’t have the guts or decency to represent what they really are. Marxism, socialism, communism, etc is a mental disorder which democrats suffer from in the extreme. One of the symptoms of this condition is PATHOLOGICAL LYING, which they got from saul alinsky. Don’t forget, h. clinton told us just a few days ago that she is a capitalist, are you kidding me?!

  • jwright673

    I’m yet to hear President Trump being caught in a lie. No credibility? How about the three prisoners held in N. Korea who returned to the U.S. today, is that not credibile?Libtards don’t dare give the President any credit for anything. Taxes are down (which stupid pelosi said the dems will revisit if they win in November), people are keeping more of the money (they are earning more too). Yeh, libs, things are in a shambles, eh? Trump has been very busy fixing what you germs inflicted on America during two terms of an illegal president.

  • Big Ed

    Democrats seem to have very short memories. Washington Democrat Adam Smith claims the credibility of the presidency has never been lower. My God, it was only a year and a half ago that the entire world gave up on the credibility of president Obama. The only piece of Obama’s legacy left was the Iran Nuclear Deal and I just listened to a thorough examination of this piece of crap by Rush Limbaugh. As it happens, the “deal” was never signed by the Iranians nor anyone in Congress. How the hell can you have an agreement when the only one who signed it, on either side, was Obama himself. CREDIBILITY!! Further, Obama’s minions were very proud of the fact that the only way they were able to get the media to agree it was a good deal was to lie like hell to them. CREDIBILITY!! Though Obama wasn’t able to get the Iranians to sign the deal he did get them to pretend the deal was in affect by paying them $150 billion. CREDIBILITY!! Everything Obama did was destructive to the country, but he was able to lie and claim he was doing good things for the country (Obamacare, Porkulous, Fast and Furious, spending $10 trillion, apology tour). CREDIBILITY!!

  • sandyk89

    The Democrats’ hatred for President Trump is astounding. Even after all the wins Trump has under his belt,,the prospect of world peace with NOKO, these fools, these idiots, would rather see nuclear warheads flying over our country than acknowledge Trumps successes..

  • Ronald Hagler

    “cred·i·bil·i·ty [krèddə bíllətee]



    believability: the ability to inspire belief or trust


    willingness to believe: a willingness to accept something as true


    Let us examine this issue. Democrat Adam Smith says the President has no credibility, but said nothing when Queen Hillary was caught lying about the State Department emails she openly sent via unsecured channels: a TRUE fact! Now some left-wing minion has released a dialogue of pure speculative opinion that will be accepted by his socialists’ comrades as FACT!

    What did the dishonorable Representative Smith have to say about Secretary of State, John Kerry, assisting Barack Obama with the illegal “Iran Nuclear Deal”? Rep. Smith even went so far as to say there is no evidence that Iran violated any part of the Iran Nuclear Deal, totally ignoring the data Israel provided to the United Nations on several violations.

    Waste water is one critical issue. The fact that water used in Nuclear Power Plants collects harmful (highly diluted) deposited molecules of nuclear waste that can be filtered, collected and stored for use in “Weapons Grade” nuclear warheads is alarming in itself, but, when these materials are collected by a nation of haters like Iran, it becomes disastrous. Part of the original “Deal” was that Iran was to REDUCE their water usage in nuclear plants already in operation: to which they agreed. The Israeli report on Iran’s actions shows an overall increase in water usage: an exact opposite of what was agreed on.
    Another aspect of the “Deal” was what Iran was to do with the “stored” nuclear waste of which they were in possession. Iran agreed to reduce their supply of these “Weapons Grade” materials, but, by increasing their water usage, it is evident that more has been produced. When questioned about them not reducing this stockpile, Iran’s reply was that they had shipped the surplus to Russia. Of course, there is no proof of any such transaction. So, just where is all of the “Weapons Grade” nuclear material collected by Iran? Perhaps the North Koreans know something the Democrats are ignoring! Tick. Tick, Tick!!

    Representative Smith not only supported the “Deal”, he stills supports it and has publicly denounced President Trump for disagreeing with Obama and the DNC anarchists on this “Deal”. What can this man actually know about credibility, since he obviously has none?

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    A Democrat is doubting ANYONE’S credibility? It would be funny if it weren’t so pitiable. .

  • mad as hell

    That all depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Everything I see that you are doing is trying to dfrag America into a banana republic hell. I, for one ,am sick and tired of the BS lies and deceptions spread by the democrap party.

  • donS2

    And the dimbocrats have credibility Mr. Smith? Well thanks for letting me keep my Doctor because I liked my Doctor, and the shovel ready jobs. The dimbocrats are full of B.S.

  • Gene Nakanishi

    Get your head out of the sand – oh wait it’s about to explode. Keep it there so we all can enjoy winning again.

  • A_Nobody

    ROFLMAO………I grew up blue collar Dem and can tell you, Smith, the last Dem who had any credibility was John Kennedy. The rest since have been nothing but lying, greedy, power mongering jackasses.

  • rottenrollin

    Dimmercrats have the credibility of a maggot in a two week old roadkill.