Democrat Compares Republicans To Murderous Gangster

To no surprise of anyone, again, another democrat Rep. Steve Cohen, has attempted to slander Republicans. Cohen compared the Nunes memo to gangster Al Capone “taking on the IRS.” He say’s the Republicans did all this because they “wanted to create a show.”

“Adam Schiff tried to get the intelligence committee to have a full hearing and questioning of the FBI before the entire Congress in a classified setting, or before the intelligence committee, which is always classified, and the Republicans voted it down. They didn’t want to question the FBI. They wanted to create a show. This is like Al Capone taking on the IRS. It’s absurd,” Cohen stated.


  • Ron C

    Yeah right…that as the democrat parties storm troopers, Antifa & BLM, beat innocent civilians in the streets and loot & burn-out business owners…The democrats really have some gaul…the lying poop-bags!

    • bluewarrior13

      Why are you being so nice to this kind of trash?

  • William L. Ramsburg


  • Kenneth Fichtl

    We have lost class, culture and civility in our Society. This is only going to get worse.

    • Angelika G

      How could ANYONE even STAY “civilized” with soooooooooooooo much TRASH/TRAITORS in the Government, calling themselves “politicians”, who are ONLY serving themselves, having put in place of what they WANT and NOT what the PEOPLE, the TRUE American CITIZENS want…..???? “We the People” are the GOVERNMENT and IN CHARGE of these SCUM BAGS and WE want them OUT…….!!!!!!

  • JC

    Yeah—well Al Capone got rid of a lot of crooks for us–now didn’t he—look in the mirror for crooks stupid

    • bluewarrior13

      Duh. I am stupid. Please explain.

      • Dave

        It’s an odd view point, but Capone did physically eliminate quite a number of his criminal competitors. Out of all his criminal acts, the only thing they ever got him on was income tax evasion. It was Mother Nature who finally took him down with syphilis in his brain. Though I suppose you could say he committed suicide.

        • bluewarrior13

          Great. I understand. Thanks.

        • Angelika G

          RIGHT, and isn’t it FUNNY that the Kennedy’s are tax EVADERS themselves, as I have just written about them above, that they have HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of DOLLARS in OVER-SEA bank accounts…..!!!!!!

          • Ronald Hagler

            Do not forget that Al Sharpton is guilty of not paying his income taxes and stated he would leave this country if Trump was elected as President. He is a socialist, Democrat and anarchist who is not only unjailed but still living here! Guess we can add “liar” to his list of character traits.

  • Truthteller

    I’d like 5 min alone w these democrats!!!

    Dems are pure trash!

  • Jacks are Wild

    There are more targets for replacement in the Demos that GOPs.

  • Ronald Hagler

    The only “SHOW” in town is the long-running Democrat agenda to create an anarchical environment to usurp the Presidency and bring our government to a halt. It is the Democrats who continue to waste time and money with their fraudulent investigation into their imagined “Trump/Russia” collusion: an investigation which, in over a year, has produced not one thread of evidence proving their claims.

    No books, reports or investigative research has produced any evidence of President Trump having engaged in any criminal activities; in being elected or running the country. No reporter has uncovered any suspicious deaths of Trump employees, associates, colleagues or sub-ordinates. Can the same be said about the Democrat darlings from the Kennedy clan or the dastardly deeds of the Clintons? Is Joseph Kennedy’s means of raising money not a criminal question? Is the death of Marilyn Monroe (while dating both John and Robert Kennedy) not criminally suspicious? Are the deaths of James McDougal (convicted Clinton Whitewater scandal partner), Vince Foster (former Clinton White House counselor), Ron Brown (Clinton Secretary of Commerce) not reason to believe it is the Democrats, not Republicans, who are “Mafia-Like” in actions?

    • Dave

      And, of course, Kennedy the Younger and Clinton the Younger are both endeavoring to climb the ladder to the Oval Office. Both having been groomed by their predecessors who are well versed in dirty politics. Times change. Back in the day, I supported both Jack and Robert. I was a Democrat. Later I got a dose of reality and discovered that the way the party was headed, the nation would eventually collapse.

    • Angelika G

      You forgot to mention the now dead Senator Ted Kennedy who had KILLED an INNOCENT young woman, while driving DRUNK, crashing his car into a pond, NOT getting any HELP for HOURS and letting that young woman DROWN to DEATH, NEVER got CHARGED for ANY WRONG doing, as we COMMON people would have gotten CHARGED and ended up in JAIL for a long, long time……THEN decades LATER he even had the GALL to run for PRESIDENT, and then as THAT didn’t work out for him, he STRONGLY supported this NON-citizen, RADICAL MUSLIM COMMUNIST TRAITOR helping that ENTITY to become so called “president” of the USA…..!!! I also read quite some years back that the Kennedy’s have HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of DOLLARS in OVER-SEA bank accounts, now, does anybody BELIEF that they are paying their “FAIR” share of TAXES on all of that money…???? YEAH RIGHT, if they would, they WOULDN’T have taken that money OUT of country…..!!!! Furthermore, I have always read that Marilyn Monroe was a COMMUNIST SYMPATHIZER, just like ALL of that HOLLYWOOD Scum, and DOESN’T make me all that FOND of HER anymore either……!!!!!

  • shadowlee

    Pot calling skillet black.

  • Rob Anthonisen

    I would bet most criminals are not Republicans!!!

  • lummi

    Democrat pismires like Cohen are well aware that anything approaching and unbiased, unhindered, objective investigation of Obama, the Clintons, Mueller, Rome or anyone of at least a dozen other Democrat “biggies” would uncover so many illegalities, corruption, and lies hat it would in all probability destroy the Party. So people like Cohen do what they always do,and that’s to attack with a vengeance with the most preposterous and outrageous claims they can muster.

  • Gardener8

    What is truly absurd is a Democrat trying to take the moral high ground. We truly do not need lectures
    from the party of perverts and baby killers.

  • Kenny Albert

    The FBI has already been questioned by Congress. Comey lied to them.

  • Joe Martinez

    Coming from the Democrats who side with MS 13 n illegals who murder Americans n LGBT who target children. They have no shame or credibility

  • Russ Raetzman

    You and your party are absurd, Cohen. Any time your Democrat Party commits a crime, you want to turn it around on the Republicans. Shame on you Jackass! The American people are tired of the BS of the Democrats. Take accountability you Stupid Jackass Cohen. Your Party is corrupt and you all need to go to prison once and for all. For god’s sake, take accountability for once. I am so sick of the Democrats blaming their problems on the Republicans. This is one of the exact reasons we voted for Trump. When are you going to get that into your Stupid Brains. Democrats= The Party of hate, immorality, perversion, and stupidity. Your Democrat Party has the thugs, perverts, and pedophiles. You continue to use Saul Alinsky’s Playbook instead of the Bible.

  • Original Anna

    Hasn’t Cohen left yet, he said he was leaving. Why is he dragging it out until the election. No one is listening to him any more, he’s useless, he might as well just leave so he doesn’t waste our time with his lies.

  • JeromefromLayton

    Who is Rep. Cohen comparing Al Capone to? That was a very costly encounter for Capone. Actually, the FBI handed this case over to the Treasury Dept which then gave him the maximum penalty for tax evasion. BTW, what is the tax status of the Clinton Connivers? Or, in the words of Deep Throat, follow the money.

  • El Dano

    Democrats are just remains of Runny Dog Shit, just give it a little time and it go away!!

  • El Dano

    If you need to know what Runny Dog Shit Looks Like Google a picture or Nancy Pelosi, or Hilary Clinton, or Diane Feinstein, they are just shit from different dogs, I apologize to the dogs,!!

    • Angelika G

      You forgot to mention Obama….!!! Remember how the FLIES were ALL over HIM, in his FACE….??? FLIES only hang around SHIT, or at least MOST of the time…until they move on to DEAD bodies…..!!!!

  • Angelika G

    So then, WHAT on earth does anybody call this FAKE, Clinton PAID for “DOSSIER”…??? This piece of A** wipe paper was not written FOR and then BOUGHT by GANGSTERS….??? YOU, so called “democrats” need to SHUT the HELL UP, as NO “DECENT”, hard-working, LAW-ABIDING American CITIZENS will EVER BELIEF or put any TRUST whatsoever in you all, it’s YOU who are the GANGSTERS, the COMMUNISTS, RADICAL ISLAM LOVING TRAITORS who were “CONVERTED” into the AMERICA-HATING TRASH that YOU ALL are now…..!!!! AND it’s YOU ALL who belong in PRISON or are DESERVING of a NOOSE around your’s all NECKS……!!!!!!

  • Lil Abner

    You will fine sooner or later Mr. Cohen, that your Hillary and Mr. Obama have started all this trash. Makes me nauseous with a name like Obama as an American president.

  • Jmanjo

    Schiff is a weasel and the other Dems are liars trying to cover up what the other liberals have done to ruin our nation. It is time to make them pay for their treason

  • denise valley

    It’s the Democrats that ARE criminals,,just look at RI Congress John Cicillini his dad was the lawyer for the New England Crime boss Raymond Petrearca, so please don’t even go there, the Democrats have be crooks for DECADES..

  • old_salty_dawg99

    Typical LIBERAL LIAR. The only ones acting in a way that is WRONG are the Democraps. Schiff only out out that memo so Trump would have to say NO. If you think otherwise look at DACA. Schmuck and Company shut the Government down for these so called Dreamers yet when Trump gave them what they wanted and more so long as he got his walk and increased sercuity on the borders they said NO. Democraps only care about spectacles not real solutions. They for years claimed they would cut taxes for the middle class yet every chance they have had they NEVER have cut them once. The only tax cut was a $40.00 a year and that AIN’T squat. Trump gave a real cut and even got some people bonuses at $2,000.00 and $1,000.00 yet Democraps called this crumbs but call the $40.00 a great break a wonderful thing. The thing that was wonderful is people wondered what planet these Democraps are living on where that pitiful amount was a great thing and the Democraps are full of FECAL MATTER. So Democraps care NOTHING for Americans or anyone else unless it gives them something to talk about and throw fits over. Trump gave them more than they demanded on the Dreamers but they had to give him the Wall and tighter security. They said NO because if the Wall got built and ILLEGALS could no longer come here the Democraps would loose the Dreamers issue. I don’t know what State Cohen is from but I bet it has a Massive LIBERAL voter base and he is a long time office holder. That means he is the problem because he is a typical Democrap.