Dem Calls Trump Admin A “Criminal Enterprise”

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) called the Trump administration a “criminal enterprise run amok,” and the “remedy is impeachment.”

Cohen stated, “The remedy is impeachment, and naturally you need to have the votes and Republicans won’t even consider any hearings and Judiciary Committee on any of the alleged and I think obvious misdeeds of the Trump team involved with the Russians and the election in 2016. Therefore nothing’s come up.”

“We have about 17 or 18 sponsors for impeachment of the president, and one of the bases is emoluments clause violations both foreign and domestic. And domestic is about the money he makes from taking money from the government for trips to Mar-a-Lago and charging our secret service for golf carts and food, and you name it. This is just a criminal enterprise run amok on American people and the biggest con job on the face of the earth.”

When discussing Congress acquiring the president’s tax returns, Cohen added, “If we’re the majority, we’ll have that process, and we’ll see his taxes, his tax returns.”

“I think it’s going to be shocking. It’s going to be a big goose egg that he used every avenue to avoid paying taxes and pays nothing. And it’ll show he paid no taxes, gave basically no charitable contributions. He is an ogre, and he is not somebody who pays his fair share.”

“Why Donald Trump is campaigning so hard because he knows if Congress goes to the Democrats the truth will come out, and he can’t bear the truth. The truth will expose him even to his people of being a false prophet, a liar and a tax cheat. That’s on his good days.”