Crazy Liberal Thinks Banning This Word Will Stop Bombings

Look, 99.99999% of people in America want to stop bombings in the U.S.

We all hate to wake up and turn on the news and see another incident of violence playing out on the screen.

When we see these dramatic takes unfold in front of us like this we’re witnessing terror incarnate.

And that’s why we call them acts of terrorism…because that’s what the criminals who resort to these kinds of violence are trying to achieve…sewing terror into the culture.

Now, some liberals want us to think using the word terror is offensive and would like it if we banned it from common usage.

Take a look.

Richard Fowler: Here’s what de Blasio tried to do yesterday, right? Yes, it was an intentional act. Yes, it was an act of terror. The problem is when you say the word ‘terror’ because of word association it automatically assumes you are talking about people of the Muslim faith. And that is why he said an intentional act and not terrorism because we don’t know if it was Muslim. None of these organizations have taken credit for it. So before we go out and start to blame and shame a whole religion we ought to be very careful and get all the facts first.

Why is it the liberals think the solution to ending violence is by trying to control people’s behavior?

It’s not possible to control another person’s actions…as much as we would like.

So why do tin-headed liberals think that’s the way to move into a better and brighter future.

Tell us what you think about the insane liberal desire to strip us of our rights as a means to create a better society in the comments below.