If this Black Man Runs for President, Will Blacks Vote for Him – or Call Him an “Uncle Tom”?

Let’s just clear the air. Obama is a criminal. He’s robbed the middle class and he’s ignored the constitution more times than Bart Simpson said eat my shorts.

So it’s safe to say he should be forced out of office, especially now that Republicans are in control of Congress.

Well, count it as a blessing that none other than Dr. Ben Carson was the first to throw his hat into the ring for a 2016 Presidential bid.

You can be sure that blacks who love Obama are going to be calling Carson an “Uncle Tom” just like they said Tim Scott was an “Uncle Tom” when he won the senate in South Carolina a week ago.

But even though many blacks may turn on Carson, he may still have the best chances of winning the presidency in a post-Obama United States.

The bottom line is this: Obama’s done, he’s finished. People have no stomach for him anymore. And if anyone is to “steal” his spotlight, then it might as well be Carson.

There are going to be a lot of qualified candidates throwing their hats in the ring here in the next few months, no doubt about it.

And even though Carson moved his party affiliation from Independent to Republican a few days ago, he’s certainly one of the most qualified candidates to deliver a “death blow” to Obama and his party’s dreams.

You can’t underestimate Carson. He’s one of the most skilled physicians to have ever held a scalpel. And, he’s of superior intellect to. He’s written six best-selling books in his illustrious career, and many of them feel like they could have been penned by Madison or Jefferson.

This is wonderful news.

It would be a tremendous pleasure to watch Carson assault the Democrats in 2016.

At this time, it’s safe to say conservatives have some pretty good momentum.

Yes, the GOP still has some of the old establishment types in office. That’s a given. But there’s been tremendous support for Tea Party initiatives lately.

And if you look at it, the GOP is fundamentally different than 2 years ago.

Ride this wave while you can.

And while you’re at it, take the time to enjoy the improvement in the economy you’ll likely see.

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